Makis Denis, General Business

A member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and a student whose name is frequently on the Dean’s List, Makis Denis knows how to study.  He realizes that not every student has mastered this skill, so he serves as a volunteer tutor for several business students, leading study sessions to help his colleagues learn how to learn, instead of simply completing the lesson at hand.

Denis does more than simply study.  An avid gamer, Denis has spent a considerable amount of time on the gaming “tournament circuit.”   He won several tournaments and, as he observed the untapped business potential that this circuit could bring, had an idea: to create and market a video gaming glove that would enhance the experience for those who spend hours in the gaming world.  Seizing the moment, he entered and was named a finalist in the 2010 Fintech Business Plan competition through the USF Center for Entrepreneurship.  The only undergraduate ever to earn a spot as a finalist, Denis started his own business in 2010 and his glove is now patent-pending.  Through his company, he has begun developing other products that he aims to bring to market.

17 Replies to “Makis Denis, General Business”

  1. I’ve known Makis for some time now. He has always been very brillant, yet humble at the same time. I know his future is very bright!

    -Alicia Y

  2. I’ve only know Makis for a short time, but i see t great potential inside of him, and he knows how to use it, Although we havent met in person, but I [ray oneday I will get the chance to. Your future is very bright ahead of you Makis, keep it up bro.

    Much Love,

    Tillman J. Walrond

  3. This guy here…
    No homo, his eyes speak the truth!
    Smart in HS, and I ammore than sure he is rocking USF with all types of new ways to be No.1! I might not know how to spell “anonymous” off the top of my head, but I recognize the positive influence of this guys life!

  4. Makis is the bomb!!! I have known him since high school and he has been a good friend!!! He has always been smart and funny!!!! I think that he is awsome!!!!

  5. Makis is probably one of the most respectable and coolest guys I’ve known. If anyone deserves to win this, it’s him.

    – Ian Mooney

  6. Makis is a rockstar! One of the most diligent and hardworking individuals I know. Glad to have him in my life!

  7. Makis is one of our future as well as present day leaders. This guy inspires me so much to continue following my dreams with full potential. He really does work hard but not only for himself but to set the pace for others around him. I look forward to this kids future.

  8. Markis is by far my Most Smartest and Remarkable Cousin and I love him Dearly.. If anyone should recieve this Vote, It Should be him in all Honesty. He will also be a GREAT! Busuness Man one day and I have no Doubt about that! Keep it going Cuzzo Love ya! 🙂

  9. “My swagger’s to the maximum…..and read all that other stuff in my blog ’cause that’s true, too.”

    Yeah, he got my vote.

  10. I’ve known Makis for about four years now and he is a remarkable person. He works hard on every single thing he does and has the drive and creativity to get whatever he puts his mind to accomplished. He is a great person and deserves this position in the 25 under 25.

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