Alexis Nowell, General Business

A member of USF’s Softball team, Alexis Nowell can manage a busy schedule.  The second baseman juggles weeks filled with mandatory workouts, study hall, three-hour practices, classes, homework, and studying, along with time spent on the field and travel time for away games.

Despite this schedule, Nowell has found time to participate in many service projects, often with fellow student-athletes.  Nowell says one of the most meaningful volunteer experiences was when the softball team hosted a dinner for the residents of Alpha House, serving pregnant women and newborns in crisis.  Nowell says spending time with these women, getting to know their stories, and helping care for babies helped her see life from a different perspective. 

Nowell says that this dinner also helped her understand the importance of serving one’s community.  Since that time, she has participated in other group projects, such as USF’s Stampede of Service.  During the most recent Stampede, she helped stock the food pantry at a local homeless shelter.

Instead of spending her summer semester relaxing, Nowell served as an intern for ING Direct in Wilmington, Delaware.  She worked in the mortgage processing area, where she conducted research on the customer experience.  She used her findings to build a testimonial library for the company’s marketing program.  In addition, she helped create a third-party engagement strategy for the firm’s sales team.  Nowell plans to return to the company for a second internship this summer.

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