Alvaro Ruiz, International Business

The first in his family to attend college, Alvaro Ruiz has proven to be successful with a 3.91 GPA while double majoring in finance and international business. He is a participant in the College of Business Corporate Mentor Program, and, after becoming a member of the Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, frequently volunteers within the Tampa Bay area. In fact, Ruiz has helped build several homes in the community via Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay, an organization that repairs the homes of low-income families that house senior citizens or persons with disabilities.

While many students find extra time to serve their community, Ruiz also serves his country as a soldier in the United States Army. Balancing the life and schedule of a citizen-soldier has not been an easy task – Ruiz has had to take mandatory breaks in his education in order to fulfill military duties. He says the Army has instilled in him discipline, motivation, and purpose – all tools that have helped him succeed in a classroom environment as well. 

Acting as a leader to many, Ruiz was recently promoted to corporal in the Army and has been recommended for advancement to sergeant. After graduation, he plans to pursue an MBA.

This summer he intends to study Portuguese at the U.S. Army’s Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California. Ruiz plans to use that knowledge to study abroad in Latin America in the following year.

73 Replies to “Alvaro Ruiz, International Business”

  1. Buena Suerte…. primo y espero de todo corazón que tengas mucho éxito con este propósito en tu vida… Un beso 🙂

  2. Buena Suerte …. primo y espero de Todo Corazón Que Tengas Mucho Exito Con Este proposito es Tu Vida … Un beso

  3. es una persona, super amable, ademas es muy buen estudiante y se prepara para todos los retos de su vida

  4. I followed a link to this page for a different nominee. However, after reading this bio, I had to vote here. Very well rounded! Academics, community service and Army! Best of luck to you, thank you for your service and keep giving back!

    1. I really appreciate what you said. It’s not always easy but it’s great to have the support of others. At the end of the day it’s a “service”… I don’t do it for me, I do it for you and those like you.

  5. La Unidad Para Siempre Neo!!!

    Spreading love from the Beta Gamma Chapter..

    Keep up the good work frat.

    Tomas Pimentel
    Pace University
    Alpha Line

  6. You’re amazing!!! Im glad I got the opportunity to know you and work with you. Keep up the great hard work that you are doing. And that you for your service to our country!! I hope you win..

  7. After watching that video, my mind was made up for me! I knew immediately who deserved my vote.

    SN: Thanks for your service to our country.

  8. The video was legit :).

    Thanks for your service. I’m telling everyone to vote for you!
    Para Siempre!

  9. Alvaro, you are a remarkable leader with an impressive work ethic and smarts. If you ever need a recommendation for anything let me know. You were an easy pick for this my friend take care and God Bless.

    1. Thank you! I truly appreciate what you said. I learned a lot from our conversations in those 2 weeks in WI. Keep in touch.

  10. voted! don’t know you personally, but ur biography is impressive & i was linked by a brother of yours! good luck.

  11. Just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to vote for me so far. Appreciate the love and support!

  12. Super proud of you Cornball!! Those 102’s in math class back in 6th grade definitely have paid off! You are bound for great success, keep it up!

  13. Congratulations!! Undoubtedly a great example to other young men in our country!! Keep up the good work!!

  14. POr mi primita (tu Mamá) y por tu futuro, que llegues al final de lo que quieres y te sientas realmente satisfecho!!!!!

  15. Felicitaciones!!!!!! Alvaro Gabriel!!! La trayectoria de tu conducta destaca algo muy importante: construir con el ejemplo, pues si una imagen dice màs que mil palabras, tu ejemplo constituye un factor de motivación, de entusiasmo para lograr metas constructivas, sirviendo de fuente de inspiración para muchas otras personas! Dios te cuide siempre!!!

  16. dedicacion,esfuerzo y valentia es lo que se necesita en la vida para conseguir lo que quieres .te deseo lo mejor, aunque no te conosco espero algun dia tener el placer de tenerlo .saludos a mi sobrina

  17. Alvarito mucha suerte, ya voté por tí. Estoy segura que eres el mejor, como lo dicen tu mamá y tus hermanas. Dios te bendiga, proteja y guíe siempre. Te amo muchísmo. Pregunta a tu mami quien soy y por que te quiero tanto.

  18. Alvarito very lucky, and I voted for you. I’m sure you’re the best, as they say your mom and your sisters. God bless you, protect and guide forever. I love you very much. Ask your mom who I am and I love you so much.

  19. CPL Ruiz you are an outstanding soldier with great leadership and professional skills; I hope you win and wish you the best! Go CPL Ruiz!

  20. Bro I haven’t met you yet but I’ve been spreading the word and hope you win this recognition because you deserve it.

    Para Siempre,

    Angel Andujar
    SP 10
    IOTA Chapter

  21. Whether you glanced at my page and decided I deserved it or because you knew me prior to this… I just want to thank you for taking the time to vote for me. I appreciate the support. I realize that I wouldn’t have gone this far if it wasn’t for the connections I have made in the past.

    So Thanks & God Bless 🙂

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