Syed Hasan, Finance

Syed Hasan is passionate about helping others.  At USF, Hasan took on his first leadership role as a freshman, when he served as treasurer for Project Downtown, organization that feeds the homeless every Friday night, rain or shine.

Thanks to his efforts, for the first time a bookkeeping system for the organization was introduced.  Hasan says he learned a lot about bookkeeping from the experience.  He says he also learned about life from his newly found homeless friends, saying they helped him put life in perspective and are helping him understand the importance of gratitude.

As a member of Muslims Without Borders, a student-based humanitarian aid organization, Hasan was part of the teams that organized and collected supplies for Haiti for relief efforts as well as a national ‘can-paign’ that raised 13 tons of canned items for Africa.  In addition, Hasan is a youth counselor and motivational speaker for at-risk youth through the Muslim American Society.

Appearing frequently on the dean’s list, Hasan is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society and the USF Honors College.  He is president of the Student Finance Association and was recently elected president of the Muslim Student Association, one of the largest student organizations at USF.

Hasan is focused on becoming a well-rounded business student.  He is an intern at Raymond James Financial, working with the vice president of product development and research.

Fluent in three languages, Hasan will spend part of his summer studying in Slovakia.  He will also travel to Dallas, Texas for a language intensive course in Arabic.

248 Replies to “Syed Hasan, Finance”

  1. Syed Zohaad Hasan is a very smart, intelligent and a passionate person
    He is always willing to help others.
    He is an excellent role model for today’s youth
    May Allah bless him in his efforts and give him success after success (Ameen)

    Ansab Khan

  2. Assalamu Alikum,
    Its an honor to all of us in the community to hear about acheivers like Syed.
    May Allah guide him and all our young Muslims to the straight bath of success
    Congratulation ….. Keep up the good work

  3. It is impressive to see a young person with such vision and clarity of purpose.
    Congratulations. I wish you every success in life, both personally and professionally.

  4. May Allah (swt) bless you and support always to do good. We need young people like you to inspire our todays muslim youth. You have my vote.

    Temple Terrace, FL


  6. I am so proud of my Moslem brother Allah be with you and protect you, keep up the good work and faith GOOD LUCK

  7. Mashallah, what an inspiration for our children. Congratulations on your many success and may Allah always guide you.

  8. Remarkable. Way to go. I have know Zohaad and I am not surprised by his achievements. May Allah grant all his good wishes.

  9. Dear Zohaad,
    We are really proud of you for this achievement. With your parents and all your loved ones prayres inshallah you will achieve even more rewards, in this world and hereafter.
    Kind regards

  10. So proud of you Zohad! May Allah give you an amazing and bright future, and may you always be a source of pride for your parents. Our duas are always with you!

  11. I am so proud of you Zohad! May Allah guide you to become an inspiration to others, and a source of pride to your parents and those who know you. All the best for your future adventures!

  12. Assalamo laikum Zohaad.

    We are all so lucky to have you in our family!!! May Alllah keep you strong and sucessful!!!

  13. All the best Zohaad; keep up the good work and have firm faith in the Almighty. I am a colleague and an ardent admirer of your father and I am glad to see you following in his foot-steps. Fi Amaan Allah! Capt. Jamil Akhtar

  14. Hi Hasan, Congrats and may Almighty bless you with more wisdom and power to take righteous stpes in the future. Always remember you Parents in your life because of them you are there today.

  15. With Best Wishes from me and my family

    2.Nighat Basit
    3.Maria Aqeel Basit
    4.Rafia Aqeel Basit
    6.Jawaid Ahmed

  16. Syed Hasan is best in the lot,and very honest reliable,trustworthy,wish him
    all the best in his future endeavour.

  17. May Allah thy all mighty shower thy blessings on you and all those who choose the right path………………….AMEEN

  18. Congrats… you have not only made your parents proud but have set up an example for guys your age that if you do anything with dedication, honesty and hard work….it brings result. Continue the good work and rise and shine to greater heights.

    Semeen Aunty (your mom’s friend)

  19. Dear Hassan,

    Pleased to see your good name has been chosen out of 25. let the almoighty’s (allah) benedictions be showverd ever & ever and have prosperuos future.

    Naeem khan

  20. today i have voted for you and the inspiration behind is your you i have my children living in dallas usa and am forwarding them your bio and asking them to vote for you.
    may be one of these days when I am visiting them i will have the privilege of meeting you
    member of dubai seafarers community

    1. Thank you Uncle Azad, please keep my father and myself in your sincerest prayers. I will be traveling to Dallas in June and I hope that I get a chance to meet your sons.

  21. Heartiest congratulations to you dear and your mom, dad & entire family. Wishing you all the best in future…keep it up.

  22. Dear Syed Hasan, Though we don’t know each other in person, I know you through your dad Capt. Mujahid. ‘Masha Allah’ you have in fact conquered the world by attaining the place of one among the Top 25 students in your college of Business Studies, University of S Florida. May Almighty Allahs blessings be with at all times.

  23. mashaAllah Zohaad; I’m not surprised! May God Almighty ever guide you to the highest successes in both worlds. ameen

  24. Mr. Hasan is an outstanding person. With his confidence in our establishment he is always introducing new customers to our business. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. It is heart warming to see such a young talented individual who will inspire others.

  25. Hasan you’ve done a wonderful job…… May Allah bless you to do more for
    The betterment of humanity.

  26. I’m not muslim, but you are without a doubt the best that school has to offer!! Hope you will get the title.

    Wich you all the best.

  27. Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention
    of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved
    body,but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used
    up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming–AL’HAMDUL’LILLAH !!

  28. Zohaad….ALL my prayers wid u ur gudness ,nd spirit to really make dat change speaks volumes and very well potrayed :)ur truly an inpiration for all those around u, and have certainly done us all honour we, are very proud of you ..keep up da great work….Ani & family

  29. Like Faher Like Son Keep it up with all the best wishes and prays for your success.
    Capt. Ahmad Yamin Zubairi

  30. thanks zohad,its you who gave us good name and i am sure God will guide you and bless you.our preyer are always with you

  31. Really proud of you, keep it up, Allah ( SWT ) bless you.give you strength,desire,dedication & loyalty to keep it on rather do more. Wassalam

  32. Mashallah, you have done really well. May Allah(SWT) bless you the well deserved success (Amin)

  33. Zohad – Mashah Allah, Great achievement and keep it up. Our best wishes and prays are with you.

  34. We are in Makkah and our special duas and prayers will be there for you and your success !!!


    Zahir Ahmed@Makkah

  35. Hey Hassan, Sana here (Fakhra aunty’s daughter in law)… so proud of your achievements MashAllah……!!! I hope my kids can grow up to be like you :). Spread the Nur that you are blessed with!

    1. Thank you so much sister Sana, your kind words really mean a lot. I have heard a lot of good things about yourself as well and I pray that your children are bettern than me !

  36. I am proud of you my boy!
    May Allah bless you with choicest of His Blessings in this world and the Hereafter, InshaAllah.

  37. Hassan is a very bright young man . He is active among family and the community.
    He has a very positive approach to problems he face in a day to day life. He faces the challenges in life with a very realistic approach. He is a brilliant student. Discipline is the key contributor in his success. I can envision a successful entrepreneur in him.


  38. Salaam Alaikum,
    I wish you all the best by the grace of Almighty allah and may almighty allah make the way for you to succeed in your endevours, (only allah can make it)
    Junaid/ Colombo/Sri Lanka


  40. It is a pleasure and an honor to find another illustrious young man among the Hasans whom I have known for decades. Of course it runs in the family but you are outshining most of them. May Allah keep you in his Mercy and guide you to even greater achievements.

  41. You deserve it brother. Keep it up!

    i wish you all the best and success in your life.

    Best Regards,

  42. Dear Hasan,

    Heartfelt congratulations on your achievement and that too with distinction. You have been rewarded for your hard work, sincerity and determination. It is a momentous occasion reflecting a major milestone on your journey through this life. I am sure your parents, family members, friends and the community must be very proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself.

    “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” Willa A. Foster

    I wish and pray, every child should rise to the potentials which they possess.

    Best of luck.
    Syed Azhar Ali

  43. we are really proud of u 😀
    All the best for ur future 🙂
    btw i m Raheela Najeeb’s daughter….one of ur mom’s Best friend in lahore/Pakistan….

  44. salam, I wish you every success in your assignment and in future life, may ALLAH(S.W.T) guide you and have blessings upon you,,,BEST OF LUCK young man ,make the muslim world proud, we need people like you,,regards,SYED JAMSHED KHALID from Karachi,,friend of shehzad hasan

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