Steven Schertzer, Finance and Marketing

Steven Schertzer says that when he moved into the Bulls Business Community four years ago, he planned to study business and graduate in four years.  A soon-to-be alumnus majoring in finance and marketing, Schertzer has accomplished this goal but admits he never expected to grow and learn as much as he has along the way.

He credits the BBC with much of his professional growth.  As a resident, he rarely missed a professional development session or corporate tour.  He often volunteered to represent the BBC to corporate leaders and build relationships with faculty (relationships that eventually led to a part-time job).  Later, as the BBC’s resident assistant, it was his responsibility to plan programs, as well as encourage newer residents to volunteer and get involved in service projects or group activities. 

In 2010, he served as an intern with Allen & Company, putting his marketing and finance lessons in action to produce a “Dollars & Sense” radio show.  He currently serves as an intern with Northwestern Mutual, where he meets with clients to determine financial strategies that will help them meet their goals.  He plans to pursue a career in the financial advising industry, thanks, in part, to his internships and his participation in the invitation-only Applied Securities Analysis class, where students select, pitch, and buy stocks, investing real funds from the Student Managed Investment Fund.

7 Replies to “Steven Schertzer, Finance and Marketing”

  1. Gina is a remarkable student. She travels every break, even going to Europe or China for a long weekend. Her leadership in AMA has been remarkable and she is terrific in the classroom. She is one of the top ten students I’ve taught in the last 14 years.

  2. I am very proud to know that Steven has been recognized as a top 25 student. I appreciated his contributions to my classes. He is a special student who loves to learn and will do well in his chosen field. I expect to see him honored as an outstanding alumni. He is a solid, thoughtful person.

  3. Steven is a good down to earth guy, which definetly helps when dealing with people in business. Steven comes from a great family unit so he has had a solid up bringing or fetchings up. If you get the chance to meet him and also meet his family then you will be like Paul Harvey and his old saying; “now you know the rest of the story.” Keep up the good work Steven.

  4. Good job Steven! Best wishes from your former teacher at Lawton Chiles Middle. I’m very proud of your accomplisments.

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