Amanda Kerney, Accounting

Amanda Kerney knows what it means to be a professional.  She began working part-time when she was 16, handling data entry for an air conditioning firm.  Soon she was tackling (then-cutting-edge) digital technology for record keeping purposes.  Seven years later, she still works there.

She is no longer the teenager who operates the scanner, however.  She has rotated through departments and works in project administration, accounting, dispatching, and payroll, among other areas.  She has worked with the executive team to create dashboards and metrics.  She has also been asked to “dissect” financial information and present it in ways that can be easily understood by mid-level managers.  

This job gave her a chance to network with auditors from the accounting firm McGladrey.  She has accepted a full-time position with McGladrey and will be starting in its assurance practice in the fall upon graduation.

While working, Kerney has maintained a 3.66 grade point average in USF’s rigorous accounting program, doing so while serving as president of Beta Alpha Psi.  She led the honor society to its 37th “Superior” ranking from Beta Alpha Psi International and its third KPMG Gold designation.  She has also competed in numerous “best practices” competitions at the organization’s regional and national conferences, including one where she discussed a couponing program she launched using “extreme couponing” to purchase products to be donated to local charities throughout Tampa Bay.

22 Replies to “Amanda Kerney, Accounting”

  1. I had the honor of having Amanda working for me. She is an exceptional person who will go far in her career.

  2. You are definitely the most remarkable!!! You make everyone in the school of accountancy very proud!!! You are the most dedicated person I know and would do anything for anyone!! Get it girl!!

  3. Amanda IS AMAZING

    Amanda has worked for me each summer and school break and we Love her. Her talent is unlimited. She is going to make a difference wherever she lands!

    Chip Lafferty, CEO
    Hill York Corporation
    The Air Conditioning People

  4. Amanda, Always proud of you. Can’t wait to see your bright future ( with shades on ). Thanks for all of your ongoing help.

    Susi Rojas
    Hill York Corporation

  5. Amanda is an awesome motivator with an infectious personality making everyone around her a better person.

    Definitely the “Peoples Choice” of the 25 under 25 program!!

  6. Amanda has worked for us for several years – amazing! Extremely intelligent, self-motivated and completes complex tasks with little direction required. Great job, Amanda…we will miss you when you go!

  7. I have known Amanda for 12 years now. It does not surprise me that she’s still excelling as a scholar and as an employee at her job. She has always been an exceptionally hard worker and a go-getter. I wish her the best in all her future endeavors and would highly recommend her in any business! Love you girl! Miss ya 🙂

  8. Amanda , you are amazing! Your dedication and hard work will get you far in the business world! But on a personal level, I know you already are a star! congrats to you! Love maria wieder

  9. Amanda has always done an amazing job in what ever she has been challenged with.. Amanda, You are the best !

  10. Congratulations Amanda on your nomination for USF’s 25 under 25!!! You were a joy to work with this past spring in recruiting volunteers within BAP to volunteer to teach Junior Achievment program’s at local elementary schools. I wish you much succuess in your future endevors!

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