Michael Tomaino, Accounting

Michael Tomaino was chosen as a 25 Under 25 honoree thanks to his academic performance, his participation in professional development programs, and his leadership outside of the classroom.

Double-majoring in finance and accounting (with a minor in economics), Tomaino is no stranger to homework. A member of the USF Honors College who has appeared on the dean’s list numerous times, Tomaino has received several academic awards, including the Accounting Achievement Award.

Outside of the classroom, Tomaino serves as a USF Ambassador, a presitigious appointment that allows him to represent the university at high-profile events and to work with the USF Alumni Association on a variety of projects.

Tomaino has held several leadership positions on campus. He is a fouding member (and current treasurer) of Pi Kappa Phi, a social fraternity. He is a founding member of the USF Traders and Investors Society as well. Additionally, he serves as president of the USF Fishing Club.

As a sophomore, Tomaino served as an intern with Ballast Point Ventures, where he helped aggregate, analyze, and present financial data on growth-stage private companies to the firm’s associates and partners. He currently serves as an intern for Crosstree Capital Partners, a boutique investment bank that serves the life sciences industry.

8 Replies to “Michael Tomaino, Accounting”

  1. Mike is my brother and i promise you that not one person you know is in the library as much as he is. I always knew you could do it bro, go for your dreams!

  2. Mike Tomaino has enough potential to become the US president and more! Ive known him for about two years now and i can say that he is very smart, dedicated and has a great personality. Congrats man, you deserve it!

  3. The obstacles and hurdles you’ve overcome have molded you into an outstanding man. We’re all very proud of you Michael, and I myself am proud that you are my nephew. Keep up the great work buddy!

  4. Mike,
    I never did get to tell you how proud I am of you. You help me to continue the forward progress and change in my life. I am grateful for you, and I love you!
    Steve Tomaino

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