Arian Howard, Finance

Arian Howard08forWPAs a first-generation student committed to service, academics, and professional achievement, Arian Howard exemplifies the term “well-rounded.”

Academic excellence is important to Howard, who has been on the Dean’s List several times, but he also strives for excellence outside of the classroom, a lesson his mentor in the Corporate Mentor program has repeatedly stressed.  Paired with the COO of Raymond James Financial, Howard says that the guidance provided to him in this program has been invaluable and has helped him grow both individually and professionally.

Professionally, he has spent  a year as a financial advisor/intern with AXA Advisors and  he currently works as a performance analyst intern at CapTrust Advisors. On campus, Howard is the treasurer of Enactus, a nonprofit organization that founded the Suit-A-Bull suit lending closet to ensure USF students are professionally dressed for job interviews. Howard is part of the presentation team that presents Enactus’ service projects at competitions — last year, they came in first regionally and competed nationally. He is also enrolled in the USF Honors College and is writing his honors thesis on financial aid literacy.

Howard is a member of the Student Managed Investment Fund, which researches stocks for real-world investment and is well-known as one of the most challenging courses in the College of Business. He typically spends 40 to 80 hours with his groups putting together the report and presentation for the investment committee.

10 Replies to “Arian Howard, Finance”

  1. Arian Howard has worked hard in every area. He has achieved beyond expectation. We are very proud of him.

  2. Go Arian! We know you got it buddy. Our prayers are always with you. Keep moving forward. We are proud of you. Keep working hard. We love you and hope to see you soon. Chaplain Milton Howard Sr. (grandfather)

  3. Go Arian!! We are praying you are selected! Love you!

    Cousin Bryant and Jackie Morrison (Las Vegas, NV)

  4. Arian we are so proud of you here in Las Vegas. We believe in you and know that you will do a remarkable job at whatever task you choose to undertake. Continue to make us proud “Arian”. May the “Lord God” Bless you real good!

  5. Go Arian!!! congratulations on your success and may the father continue to bless you in your future endeavors! (Family & Friends of Jackie Morrison & Family)

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