Huzzatun Iqra, Accounting

Huzzatun Iqra6forwpHuzzatun Iqra is clearly a bright student.  The accounting major and USF Honors College student is an active member of the exclusive Business Honors Program and the invitation-only Bulls Business Community.  Given her focus on academics, it is no surprise that she has earned a 3.99 GPA during her first two years at USF.

Iqra doesn’t simply study all the time however.  She serves as a mentor for the Intercultural Student Leadership Conference and has participated in nearly every professional development program offered at the business school. Given her active involvement in BBC programs, she was named “Resident of the Year” last year and it is easy to see why she was tapped to serve as a resident assistant for the Bulls Business Community during the 2013-14 academic year.

Outside of residence life, Iqra serves as the community liaison for Women in Business and as vice president of Future Business Leaders of America, where she won first place at  the organization’s state competition for business decision making.  She was recently selected as a USF Ambassador, an opportunity that will allow her to represent the university at a variety of functions, from legislative visits to international programs.

A native of Bangladesh, Iqra came to America alone as a high school student in order to pursue a quality education.  She considers herself a global citizen, which can be evidenced by her participation in a study abroad program where she spent six weeks in Florence, Italy.  This summer, she will participate in the Deloitte Discovery internship program.

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  1. Received this link via Nathan Dwight Thomas.

    Voted for you and wish you all the very best, and may God bless.

    1. I can’t describe how fortunate I am to have the support of all of you! Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, and my fellow WCA students. I wouldn’t be here without all of your support!

  2. Looks like the polls closed. Im so sorry! I would have loved to support you in this endeavor. All the best!

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