Melissa Stewart, Finance and Management

Melissa Stewart6forWPIt can be daunting to juggle a calendar full of work, school, and family responsibilities.  Adding social and community service work to the mix often overwhelms people.

That isn’t the case for Melissa Stewart.  Stewart knew in middle school that her family lacked the financial means to attend college, so, as a freshman, she applied for – and won – a Take Stock in Children scholarship.  Earning this scholarship required that she make excellent academic progress throughout high school.  Stewart took this obligation seriously, graduating in the top 5 percent of her class.  She soon received USF’s highest scholarship for incoming freshmen.

Receiving the Presidential Scholars Award required the Honors College student to continue to achieve in the classroom and to participate in a myriad of activities.

Stewart sought out opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community.  She began to volunteer at Junior Achievement’s BizTown Center, helping elementary schoolers learn the basics of business.  She helped launch a Toastmasters chapter.  She joined Delta Delta Delta and took on leadership roles.  She was elected to serve on USF’s Panhellenic Executive Board.  There, she was charged with the group’s fiscal management, handling several budgets totalling $64,000 and helping to write the financial policies and procedures sections of its strategic plan.

Recently, Stewart was hired as a part-time student ambassador to coordinate financial literacy programs and activities at GTE Financial.  In addition, she was asked to serve as a team leader to help the company establish a full-service student-operated credit union. She will graduate with dual degrees in finance and management (with a minor in accounting); GTE Financial has offered her a full-time position upon graduation.

8 Replies to “Melissa Stewart, Finance and Management”

  1. Melissa – You are truly an inspiration and role model. I can’t wait to show this to Gracie. Congratulations and wishes for much success in the future! — Jill in Englewood

  2. Melissa, It has been amazing to watch you meet each goal that you set for yourself (against all odds) through out your life. Your hard work and perseverance has known no bounds. You deserve each and every honor that you have received and everything the future can offer you. The sky is the limit baby! Go for it! We are all very, very proud of you. — Aunt Doreen

  3. Miss. Miss! I will never be able to explain to you in words how very proud I am of you! You are a very strong woman, a wonderful leader, and a terrific role model! You deserve this and so much more! I love you! -Leah Marie

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I still remember you as the beautiful little flower girl. You are so grown up now I am very impressed to hear about all that you have achieved in your life. I see a great future ahead of you.God Bless!

    Janice Ferreira ( Alec Dias Grandmother )

  5. Melissa – You are truly an inspiration and role model. I can’t wait to show this to Gracie. Congratulations and wishes for much success in the future! — Jill in Englewood

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