Alexandra Bogovic, Marketing

Bogovic_WP (Erikas pick)Nearly every 25 Under 25 honoree has learned how to balance work, school, and life responsibilities. Alexandra Bogovic is no an exception. She has earned a 3.80 GPA as a full-time student who works part-time and juggles internships and increasingly responsible campus leadership roles.

Bogovic, who help led USF’s American Marketing Association to silver chapter status, is a well of energy. As a freshman, she helped plan the chapter’s case event with Chevrolet. She later co-directed an AMA campaign to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation amongst college students. Bogovic learned how to lead a project, start to finish, and was later AMAs lead on a partnership to create an awareness campaign for USF Botanical Gardens. Bogovic is now president of AMA, which was named a Top 15 chapter in 2015, besting more than 353 chapters nationally.

While her participation in student organizations may have taught her how to lead and work on a team, Bogovic says her experiences – at Cox Media Group, Windows Campus Tour, Pearson Education, and Tech Data – helped her connect her classroom learning with real-world situations. Specifically, an internship at Tech Data helped her understand the importance of market research – and about failure and regrouping. When an initial approach to a research query did not yield results, Bogovic and other interns met with a supervisor and suggested other ways to approach the project — and ended up helping the Fortune 500 company better understand its market and market share in the cellular phone industry.

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