Amanda Atanga, Accounting

Atanga_WPAn international student from the African nation of Cameroon, Amanda Atanga has worked tirelessly to get the most out of her American college education.

Contrary to what Atanga says is the perception of education in Africa, she realized university education in the U.S. was about more than getting good grades: being involved outside of the classroom also mattered. Atanga originally attended a small private university in Virginia, where she worked as a student assistant for the school’s International Student Services office and served as treasurer for the international student organization. However, she had always dreamed of earning a degree from a large institution with a well-recognized accounting program. She transferred to USF in 2013, where she joined Alpha Kappa Psi and became a business calculus tutor at USF’s Academic Success Center.Atanga has completed summer internships with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and companies. In 2013, she traveled to Tanzania to intern at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, where she worked with payroll and budgeting. The following summer, she worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Douala, Cameroon, and was assigned to audit engagements with companies such as Citibank and IHS Cameroon.  She now works for Frank Artz Tax and Accounting in Tampa as a junior accounting clerk. Atanga has also earned scholarships from USF, including the TEAm Grant Scholarship Award.

After graduating this semester, Atanga hopes to earn an MBA and Master of Accountancy degrees, as well as the Certified Public Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor designations.

133 Replies to “Amanda Atanga, Accounting”

  1. You worked extra hard in and out of school and I believe it’s just natural you should be the recipient of this award.

  2. Great work Amanda. Africa sure needs more great minds like you. Let the skies be you starting point. We are proud of you.

  3. Great work Amanda Atanga. You have worked very hard since you were a child and you have never stopped. It’s not a surprise to see you attend the level of education you have attended now. You are not just making Cameroon nor Africa proud but the entire world as a whole. We will always stand behind your back to make sure all your dreams become true. Keep up with the good work.

  4. My dear Amanda. This is proof that hard work pays. You do make us proud and I believe you deserve this award. Keep it up

  5. she studies hard and works so hard after school,she deserves my vote to enhance her to the next level in accounting.

  6. I am in awe of the smart, talented, amazing and accomplished young lady you have become. Congrats Amanda and keep moving forward. You are a true example to follow and you represent that beacon of light that illuminates the paths if many. All the best, ALWAYS!!!

  7. I voted, first cos u are a paysan and ‘under twenty fives ‘ in Cameroon may not have accomplished that much at your age. Keep the green red yellow flag flying high little sis!

  8. Shoutout to the best tutor in the world! We love you Amanda and you truly deserve this award ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Amanda, you are eloquent proof that luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Never mind all those who sit, dream and wish or pray without adding hard work to their faith. A lazy God would not have kept this world running for millions of years without resorting to rationing the sun or simply privatizing the place! You have combined all: hard work, discipline, service, singing etc and THIS is your time. To continue to show the example to emulate to your siblings and many admirers, get that award as reward!

    1. You are amazingly cool baby sister. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. We are all proud of you dear and only greasing what you already have in your hands. Keep the flag flying baby.

  10. Amanda Dear,
    Keep it up. You make us really proud. You deserve the award and I am sure you will have it. All the best. Aunty Xty.

  11. Congratulations Amanda. You have made us proud. May the almighty Lord continue to lead the way. You are blessed and highly favoured

  12. Congratulations Amanda. You’ve made us proud. May the almighty Lord continue to lead the way. You are highly blessed and favored

  13. Congratulations Amanda!!!!!
    Great job. You make us all very proud.
    Keep giving your best and the best will be yours.

  14. My dear Amanda i am proud of you. You are the best so never relent your efforts hard work is the key

  15. Amanda, you have made the right choices and that is what God requires from us. Well done. proudly Cameroonian. patience ewane

  16. Hard work and only hard work is what greased the development of great nations, especially that in which you are presently, and also legends, that which you will be. It is what you grew with and also what you possess. You’ve have made a record and shown your abilities to the world at large. Keep up. We are all proud of you. Africa needs you, your country needs you, and that is the more reason why I fervently believe you will win this award.

  17. Hard work and only hard work is what greased the development of great nations, especially that in which you are presently, and also legends, that which you will be. It is what you grew with and also what you possess. You’ve made a record and shown your abilities to the world at large. Keep up. We are all proud of you. Africa needs you, your country needs you, and that is the more reason why I fervently believe you will win this award.

  18. Great job Amanda. We are very very proud of you. Keep up the good work. The sky is your limit. You deserve this prestigious award.
    You are a star.

  19. Amanda, j’espère que tu es la meilleure et la personne indiquée qui va prouvée de quoi tu es capable comme toujours et toujours. I VOTE FOR YOU

  20. Dear Amanda, congratulations!!!! Keep soaring. Even the sky will not be your limit. You do us proud. Keep it up.

  21. Congratulations! congratulation! once more Ama. What a remarkable job well done. Well done.I am sure we will be seeing and hearing a great deal more about your achievements in the future. Keep up the good work.There is every reason to believe you are on your way to the top!

  22. Amanda girl, more proofs are needed to confirm your worth which you have already loudly and proudly proven across all areas of your work. That’s why your award is being delayed, but don’t worry. It’s just a matter of time and you will have it in your hands.
    So so so proud of you!!! Keep being the head, and remember God is with you always!

  23. Gefeliciteerd AMANDA. I know you will keep flying the family flag very very high. We are sooooooooo proud of you!

  24. We are so proud of you Amanda. Keep up the good work, the sky is the limit my dear. I know you can achieve whatever you put your mine into. We applaud you.

  25. Amanda from your hardwork and determination it is clear that you need and deserve that award more than any other

  26. Aunty Amanda so proud of you. Keep the hard work and others will follow your example. Love you girl.

  27. My darling daughter, excellence is your portion in Jesus name. You shall always stand tall in a crowd, and be noticed by those who matter on the way to your destiny. Your path shall always be brightened even in darkness in Jesus name. Exercise the audacity to dare great things in life, because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
    love you,
    aunty Winnie

  28. Accounting is a very challenging profession and warrants much ethics in its various practices. Atanga,s excellent performances at school with very solid background training in a multinational Audit and Accounting firm with her experience in business taxation coupled with a knowledge of the business environment at an International court means she has a good mastery of the international accounting and legal standards regulating practices.Her role as a treasurer and contributions in student services implies she has complied with the ethical value and standard required of such a dignified profession. Such a young talented and focus lady should be encouraged highly to become a Board member of the Certified Public Accountant(CPA) as she would be very resourceful and will add more value to societal need, Congratulation and keep on with the good work. Courage.

  29. Amanda, there are no two ways to success .Your hard work is what has and will continue to earn you such recognition.The sky is your limit grand daughter.

  30. Hey Grand-soeur congrats.You pave the rightway for we your juniors to follow.All the best and keep aiming higher. You make us proud.

  31. Hello Amanda, congratulations! Hard work always pays. Keep it up girl and continue to make us proud. Let the sky be your limit. Aunty Eucharia

  32. Great job Amanda. It is truly remarkable, what you have been able to achieve in your career thus far. Not even the sky can stop you. Very very proud of you!

  33. Amanda, you have maintained your secondary school high academic standards. Please continue and let the sky be your limit.

  34. Amanda you are a brilliant student . You made the right choice congrats.
    My vote is a winning for you.
    People to build a secure and transparent society.

  35. Amanda. To me you are My spring Board. Your works and accomplishments illustrate your determination to have great achievement. Thumbs up and keep up the great work. God bless you..

  36. You’ve been amongst the best from C.I.S till Lourdes and I know u are meant to be best honoree of your batch. Keep rising like a phoenix girl. Go bulls!!! You will never hear me say that again.

  37. Aunty Amanda through your hard work you will surely win this award… Keep up the good work ! 🙂 #TeamAmanda

  38. Dear Amanda, you have all it takes to soar as an eagle to the highest heights.The excellent spirit of our Lord Jesus continue to shape your thinking and lifestyle. Emmanuel Okie

  39. Amanda,
    The sky is your limit aim high and achieve big dreams. The journey just started and with God by your side, all things are possible

  40. You have my vote Amanda. You deserve everyone’s vote for you’re sure a force to reckon with. I’m very proud of you and your countless achievements. Keep soaring. LIA

  41. Dear Amanda,
    I am extending my sincerest appreciation for your academic performance.
    Congratulations and may your success continue throughout all the years.I
    Am so proud of you.
    Patience Atanga

  42. Amanda, when we got the Good news that you are among the selected, we never doubted. Keep it up !

  43. The serious attitude you have in studies and the great effort to overcome all barriers to achieve your goal in all your undertakings push me to give you my vote. You Will certainly move to the next step .

  44. Great honor to be able to cast a vote for you. Not surprized at all for being a long time friend of your father and having worked with your mother as well. Only outstanding parents can have an outstanding daughter. So glad for you and family!!! Wish you all the very best

  45. I am happy with you achievements, looking forward to your next challenge, step by step you will get there, wishing you all the best.

  46. Your determination in accomplishing your goals brings out the leader in you! You represent the best of us and thus make us all proud. Congrats Amanda!!

  47. Congratulations, Amanda. You are just being true to yourself. You have proved even at this university that you believe in hard work and excellence. For all you know, you are already a role model in my family where my daughter is following your footsteps. You deserve to top the honours list. Never relent until you fulfill your most cherished dreams. May God continue to be your guide.

  48. Dear Amanda. You make us proud. This award is just one of many. May all your dreams come true. Congratulations. Colette Ngoya

  49. Be smart to be focused and be focused to be successful. Amanda you are just igniting the flares of a brighter future that you will live to always be proud of. Leave no stone unturned girl, GO! GO! GO!

  50. Atanga Amanda, honestly am speechless but let me say this, BRAVO,BRAVO!!! You make us proud lil sis. keep up with the good work and know that I’m with you. Remain blessed.

  51. Congratulations Amanda, beautiful young lady, inside and outside, you make us proud. Loads of blessings.

  52. Darling Amanda we are all so proud of you!!!!
    You are a role model to your own generation. You are determined, hard working, and focused. You will only succeed and shine even brighter. Keep it up.

  53. My dear Amanda, I am so proud of you, you’ve always worked very hard in pursuit of your academic goals. The best is yet to come. You deserve this award and you are a great example to be emulated
    by those coming after you. Good job young lady keep it up.

  54. Amanda, you have always been a hard working girl.I admired your seriousness and determination back in your secondary school days in Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School.Keep on dear.

  55. Congrats my dear u are indeed the pride of our family we are behind u and may the Almighty God continue to grant u ur heart desire

  56. Dear Amanda, you have come a long way. And it has been an amazing experience watching you growth into this young,smart and accomplished graduate. The sky is your limit. Congrats ins!!

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