Duy Nguyen, Management and Marketing with Supply Chain Concentration

Nguyen_WPAs a student leader helping international students acclimate to USF, Duy Nguyen understands how tough the transition process can be for students coming from other countries, as this is an experience he is very familiar with.

When he started his American journey three years ago, Nguyen says the experience was filled with awe. As a student leader with INTO, the pathway into USF for international students, he recalls that one of his favorite moments was planning a field day for the international students, getting to see remarkable teamwork as citizens from more than seven nationalities worked together to win a race. In over two years as a student leader, Nguyen has mentored more than 50 international students.

Despite Nguyen’s personal struggles with public speaking anxiety, his high expectations of himself led him to seek out leadership positions in the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Student Roundtable. Originally, his comfort with numbers had inspired him to consider the treasurer position, but he realized that position wouldn’t provide the personal growth he wanted. Nguyen was elected sponsorship chair, and has secured two platinum sponsorships in that role from Johnson & Johnson and Marten Transport.

Nguyen hopes his experiences thus far are just the beginning of his transformative college journey. Coming from a small, coconut-worshiping town in Vietnam, he became an active leader in a large university community who positively impacts the lives of others.

8 Replies to “Duy Nguyen, Management and Marketing with Supply Chain Concentration”

  1. Duy is one of the brightest Vietnamese undergrad from INTO USF. His excellent works during the past two years has shown his amazing leadership, enthusiastic attitude in seeking higher challenges. I would recommend Duy as the right man of the job if he ever get one. Congratulation Duy Dan Nguyen.


  2. This guy is amazing! He has done a fenomenal job to keeping growing the CSCMP Roundtable growing. His commitment and dedication to help others and our organization is unconditional. He deserves this reward!

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