Gabriela Garcia Ortega, International Business

Garcia_WPAn active member of the invitation only Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Program, Gabriela Garcia says she did not come to USF to simply get a degree, she came to transform herself into a professional who leaves her mark on the university, and make life better for herself and others in the process.

Garcia credits the BBC’s frequent networking opportunities and improve sessions for her understanding on how to work in a team and what it means to be a professional. A summer abroad experience with the Business Honors Program helped her better understand cultural differences and the importance of cultural literacy in international businesses. But the most important lesson she has learned, she says, is to say “yes” more often. Doing so has led her to leadership positions she never expected to hold. For the USF Residence Hall Association, she was a senator, director of programming, and then president, a position she currently holds. Garcia became a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority and now serves as a member of its leadership team. These leadership roles have allowed her to meet the goal she set before she got here: to leave her mark on USF.

Garcia said such engagement is as important to her as her coursework but one can’t overlook her academic success. She has a 3.91 GPA and her name has appeared on the dean’s list every semester that she has been at USF. In 2014, Garcia received the Exceptional Scholars Award from the Business Honors Program.

86 Replies to “Gabriela Garcia Ortega, International Business”

  1. I have witnessed Gabriela grow in so many ways thru the years.
    The enthusiasm, thoroughness and balance with which she tackles the challenges and opportunities is a very distinct trait of her.

  2. You have come so far, and so fast! Since I’ve known you you have always made your way to achieve incredible things, making positive changes in your life in others… You have a such a bright future, keep taking chances and “keep moving forward”! You deserve it!

  3. The path you selected as your journey has been a picture of who you really are. Succes is with you. YN

  4. The path you selected as your journey has been a picture of who you really are. Succes is with you.

  5. I consider that Gabriela deserves this honor due to her leadership skills, work capacity and compromise with her classmates.

  6. I’ve had the pleasure and honor to have Gabriela as student. Intelligent, smart, awesome personality and a caring human being. She’s a bright young lady.

  7. She is the best candidate for this prize. Gabriela comes from an excellent family which I am honoured to know, and She will be as great as she deserves and want to be. Congrats from now Gaby, you are the best!

  8. Gaby Garcia is mature ,capable, smart, motivated,dedicated as well as respectfull person.I all my confidence on her.

  9. Congratulations to all the selected students, and especially to Gabriela. Great statement! May you continue to succeed in life!

  10. congratulations Gabby, this only the Beginning,
    Continue cultivating success, making a difference
    We’re ever you go!!

  11. Dear Gabby, I am very proud of your success, continue moving forward in your career. Congratulations!!!

  12. More than proud of you my Gaby , well done , you are an example to follow , always looking forward, I love you

  13. Desde niña has sido excelente en todo lo que te has propuesto. Por tanto sé que serás siendo exitosa. Eres un orgullo de todos los que te queremos. Tata


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