Joseph Nestor, General Business

Nestor_WPJoseph Nestor knows what it means to face adversity. Despite a healthy past, he experienced a lung collapse three times in two months and had half a lung removed in what he sees as a “defining moment.” The lessons he learned from this moment helped him during stressful times as a student and reminded him of the importance of facing adversity head on, cherishing the support of others, remaining calm during times of duress, and building a diverse support network.

Nestor built that network in the Bulls Business Community, the Business Honors Program, and the Honors College. During his junior and senior years, he was a resident assistant, a job that led to service as vice president of the National Residence Hall Honorary Society. Additionally, he took part in on-campus service events through the Bulls Business Community, which led to his participation on a Bulls Service Break trip to aid homeless people in Washington, D.C.

In 2012, Nestor studied transitional economies in Slovakia and Austria. This inspired him to write his thesis on the behaviors of European bankers in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain during the 2008 financial crisis, which helped him understand the Irish economy’s crash, something significant to him as he holds dual citizenship in America and Ireland.

Nestor did all of this while working part-time as a fiscal assistant for USF during his sophomore and junior year. He handled accounts payable tasks, an experience that helped him land a spot in the highly selective JPMorgan Chase Summer Operations Analyst Development Program. In JPMC’s Tampa office, Nestor responded to client inquiries as the bank transitioned to a new reporting system and updated compliance policies and procedures documents.

31 Replies to “Joseph Nestor, General Business”

  1. Super proud of you!!!!! My boys get excited every time I tell them all of the great accomplishments you have made and will continue to do! You inspire all ages!!!!

  2. Joseph Nestor is a well grounded and intelligent individual who exemplifies what hard work and dedication will do if you are willing to work towards your goals. Any corproration that is lucky to hire this young man will experience these exceptional qualities. Congrats to all candidates!

  3. Joey, I’m immensely proud of your accomplishments (as is the whole family). You have always been bright, inquiring and admirable. Watching you grow to the young man you are is a pleasure and an inspiration to the younger family members. Good luck and keep your vision high.

  4. He was a very special young man at Wharton High School whom I remember very fondly due to his determination, hard work, and kindness! Definitely, definitely a wonderful young man deserving of this honor!

  5. We couldn’t have a more deserving candidate than Joey Nestor! His determination, motivation, conscientious nature are outstanding! As a former student in my English Literature class, I think he got his persistent spirit from reading Jane Eyre, which he was doing while in the hospital!
    All the best!

  6. Joe, we are all so proud of you and all your accomplishments at USF!
    May God continue to shine down on you and all your good works at USF!
    Vote for Joe!

  7. Joey, I am so proud of you. You have worked so hard. Your deep faith and hard work certainly have help you a long the way. Know, Joey, I am so proud of you. Congratulations to the best.

  8. Joey, your aunt is sooo proud of you! Could you really be that wonderful? I think so! Sr. Catherine D.

  9. Congrats to you! Your Aunt Mary is telling us folks in Pjiladelphia about how proud she is of you! Keep up the good workout!

  10. Joey, if your anything like your aunt you are a hard worker. Luck and prayers,Sr. Mary William Herron

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