Joycelyn Alleyne, Marketing and Management

Alleyne_WPJoycelyn Alleyne has her eyes set on a prize many students never dream of during their college career: USF’s King O’Neal award. This designation recognizes those who graduate with a perfect GPA. The junior who is double majoring in marketing and management — with a minor in leadership — has yet to earn even an A-minus!

Alleyne says that her quest for this honor is fueled by the knowledge that academic excellence is her passport out of Barbados and into America. The recipient of many scholarships, Alleyne understands that higher education is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Her academic success has not come at the expense of campus involvement. She has been involved with Housing and Residential Education, where she served as resident assistant before becoming a resident life mentor who mentors 17 resident assistants in the Cypress community on campus.

Alleyne is also an officer within the International Business Board. She is a member of the Caribbean Cultural Exchange and is a leader in Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated too. She was recently selected to be a mentor for the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ Intercultural Student Leadership Conference. Additionally, Alleyne works part-time for USF Event & Meeting Services and has served as a Globull Ambassador for USF’s Education Abroad office. Recently Alleyne was selected to be a USF Ambassador.

16 Replies to “Joycelyn Alleyne, Marketing and Management”

  1. I have had the opportunity to spend time with this amazing young woman, I am honoured to vote for her and would be delighted to see that she has been selected. She is a hard working and driven individual and I look forward to seeing more ideas from her.

  2. She is an amazing, bright, intelligent woman. I believe if she received this it would be the best choice she would put her 200% into it.

  3. This young lady has the necessaru drive and motivation which accentuates her
    propensity to be remarkable.

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