Kevin McKeon, Marketing

McKeon_WPKevin McKeon admits that he initially measured his success as programming director for USF’s Center for Student Involvement, basing satisfaction on attendance levels for events he helped plan on a budget — everything from homecoming balls late-night programing series, where guest counts ranged from 100 to more than 2,700. He unexpectedly learned along the way that he should measure success by focusing on the opportunities to help connect students with their university in a meaningful way.

That lesson was strengthened by service as an orientation team leader for USF’s Orientation Office. As an OTL, McKeon has led countless campus tours, helped incoming students learn how to navigate USF’s registration systems, and spoken to large groups of new students about the opportunities available to those who want to serve. This service-centric philosophy – combined with his successes in event management and planning – led to an invitation for McKeon to present at the National Association of Campus Activities national conference in 2015, where he discussed how targeted entertainment has been a key element at USF events aimed to engage students and bolster school pride. McKeon also enjoyed the opportunity to study abroad in 10 countries as part of University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea Program, gaining hands-on experience with business courses and international corporate tours.

6 Replies to “Kevin McKeon, Marketing”

  1. I have known Kevin since he was a charter member of the Palm Beach Center Interact Club sponsored by Rotary International. I cannot think of a more deserving honoree than Kevin, you want THIS guy in your corner and covering your back! BTW, I’m 58 years old and I’ve know this dude a long, long time, they just don’t make em any better than KM

  2. Kevin is by far one of the most motivated young men I have ever met. His engagement in helping others not just himself gives lie to the “all for me” world.
    His contributions going forward will I know be of benefit to all.

  3. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kevin since Junior High School. He has a rare combination of energy, drive, intelligence and compassion. When Kevin cares about or has decided something is worth pursuing he moves mountains to get them done. Finally Kevin is a great leader as is evidenced not only by his many friends and supporters but also by his many accomplishments. There is hope for the future because of young men like Kevin Mckeon.

  4. Kevin is a true leader he not only exemplifies the values of the institution but he embraces what it means to be a Bull in every aspect of his life. From his eagerness to learn, his passion in creating memories through programs, and his motivation to be successful. Kevin is truly an outstanding individual. The institution has a handful of remarkable leaders who leave a legacy. Kevin is one of those selected few, whatever Kevin puts his heart and mind too he changes it for the better. His journey to success has just begun!

  5. I met Kevin our freshman year in high school, Kevin introduced me to interact the Rotary affiliate club that he later ran our senior year. I worked along side Kevin as an officer of the club and am honored to call him a friend and a natural born leader. Kevin has a way of passing his determination and leadership qualities onto others. Levon’s drive and passion for everything he does is infectious and he definitely affected many lives in the time I have known him.

  6. I had the pleasure to have Kevin as one of my students in the Summer 2014 Semester at Sea Voyage. Kevin was not only one of my most dedicated student but also a great support to my class, always prepared, always friendly, always supportive, always positive and cheerful, hard working, collaborative, and just plain fun to have as a student. Kevin, I have no doubts you have a brilliant future ahead of you and I am proud of having had the opportunity to be a small part of academic life.

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