Lauren Alford, Marketing

Alford_WP (Erikas pick)Lauren Alford seizes opportunities that come her way, developing a well-rounded resume while maintaining academic excellence.

In 2014, as a freshman, Alford entered the USF Muma College of Business Elevator Competition, where students give a one-minute pitch to an executive to develop their speaking and interviewing skills. She earned second place in the competition. Not even an accounting major, Alford participated in the regional Deloitte FanTAXtic Case Study Competition after her accounting professor noticed her interest in the course. She gathered research about the specific tax topics that were assigned, and collaborated with her teammates to design a presentation. She has also maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Wanting to give back to USF, Alford serves as a mentor on the Academic Foundations Peer Leader Team in an elective seminar designed to help students be successful in their first year of college. She guides students during their community service project for the class and assists the professor with lecture activities.

6 Replies to “Lauren Alford, Marketing”

  1. She restores my faith in the ability for her generation to continue to uphold the strong business influence our country has in the world.

  2. Lauren, you are such a special young woman and you are a wonderful role model. Good luck! Theresa Fasani

  3. Mee Ma & Pee Pa are very proud of you . Keep up the good work.

    we love you very much Mee Ma & Pee Pa

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