Katelyn Chin, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Katelyn Chin

Early in her first year at USF, Katelyn Chin did something few freshman do.  She visited the USF Career Center and began building relationships with its career counselors.  She took advantage of its personal and professional development programs and got a head start on her career development plan.  One of the lessons she learned:  USF has many outstanding students and the most successful ones do more than just make good grades – they stand out from their peers.  And she decided she was going to stand out.

She started by joining the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, a professional student-led organization that has given more opportunities than she could have ever dreamed. Not only has the organization given her lifelong friends and networks, but it also gave her


a sense of belonging within the Muma College of Business. She took on increasingly responsible roles in the organization and currently serves as president. She has implemented new programs and worked hard to ensure members have hands-on learning experiences about supply chain.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Chin has taken advantage of USF’s strong dance program.  Chin has trained to be a professional ballerina since the age of 12.  Chin has enjoyed many dance classes at USF, even though it meant she had five straight semesters where she took between 18 and 21 credits per semester.  Clearly, she has learned how to balance the competing worlds of academics, campus service, professional development and dance, evidenced by her 3.93 grade point average.

In addition to her academic success, Chin worked while attending school.  She is an inventory analyst at Stellar Partners and previously worked as a resident assistant at USF and a sales associate at Fossil.

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  1. Congratulations to Katelyn! She is a topnotch person and student with tremendous potential. Katelyn earned this honor. I am looking forward to watching her further grow as a professional — and plan to learn a few things from her along the way.

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