Jennifer Cohen, Finance and Marketing

Jennifer Cohen

When Jennifer Cohen’s family moved to America, her parents relied on her as they grew their franchise business with Börner Germany, a company that produces kitchen tools.   Though just 14 years old, she spoke English better than her parents and she would often help translate.  She often found herself handling clerical tasks alongside her parents.  She soon became intricately involved in the business, processing large orders, meeting with CEOs, reconciling statements, and handling customer service tasks.  Today, she helps manage the UAE franchise of the business.  

This isn’t her only business experience.  Cohen has held additional part-time retail jobs while in college and served as an aftercare counselor in an elementary school.  Why? Because she doesn’t like to have too much time on her hands!  

While she has worked two jobs at all times and helped her family business, Cohen has managed to keep up with her academics.  She earned an associate’s degree – in one year – from Palm Beach State College before coming to USF and has maintained an overall 3.92 grade point average at USF.

Cohen loves learning and has discovered that she especially enjoys finance and marketing, so much so that she will earn two bachelor’s degrees at USF, one in each area. But she also enjoys learning about psychology and she admits that, in her spare time, she often reads psychology books because it helps her better understand human behavior.  She says that this insight will help her as she builds her career, particularly because she wants to help people manage their money!

Cohen has been involved on campus.  She serves as the marketing/financial officer for ALPFA and she is a member of the Women in Business Society.  She is also involved in the Hillel/Israeli Culture Club and the Corporate Mentor Program.  

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  1. Amazing, talented and impressive young woman. I hope that Jenifer Cohen will receive most of the votes !!!She deserves it !!!

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