Laura Del Castillo, Finance and MIS

From an early age, Laura Del Castillo took school seriously and had a competitive nature when it came to achieving her dreams. Throughout high school and continuing into her college career, Del Castillo learned that it is not enough to just get good grades; you have to get quality experience as well.

Within the first week of working as a full-time intern at JPMorgan, Del Castillo impressed her manager with her strong work ethic. She led her team to first place in the JPMorgan expo competition, in which 10 team members compete to create a product or service that adds value to the company.  Working with JPMorgan helped her to grow not only professionally, but also as a student, as it led her to pursue a second degree in management information systems.

Continuing her professional development, Del Castillo obtained an internship at Raymond James where she is taking the opportunity to understand how different departments interact with one another. She is learning the importance of communication in the workplace as she is a part of their Young Professionals Networking organization.

When she is not busy working as an intern, Del Castillo remains close to her Catholic roots. She has lead the USF Catholic Student Union to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., served as an advisor to young pregnant girls, and helped rebuild homes for low-income families in Kentucky during a seven-day spring break service trip. Del Castillo has always held her faith close to her heart and believes that being a servant to others is just as important as her career. 

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