Kaylee Griskie, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Kaylee Griskie

A member of the Provost Scholars Program, Kaylee Griskie made a commitment to graduate from USF in three years and has wasted no time participating in research, leadership, and global experience activities.

Understanding the importance of networking, Griskie participated in several Provost Scholars community events and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Richard Gonzmart, owner of the Columbia Restaurant Group. She shared her dream of building a career in the food industry with him.  Soon, she landed an internship in the Columbia’s marketing department, where she learned about developing new restaurants.

As an intern, she helped with Gonzmart’s Run for Life, an event sponsored by the restaurant that raises funds for cancer research. Additionally, as part of the Provost Scholars Program, Griskie led a group that participated in Run for Life and raised $2,000 in one month — more than any other team! That same group is on track to raise nearly $1,800 this year.

Griskie is also involved in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, where she leads Bible studies on campus. Her hard work in BCM led her to a local faith-based medical pregnancy center, A Woman’s Place, where she serves as a campus outreach coordinator. Griskie’s service will take her to Africa this summer. As part of a service learning program, Griskie will study at an orphanage in Ghana. She will work with children, help with facility maintenance, and assist with on-site research.

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  1. You are the best marketing major in the United States with drive from your heart and applied to the multiple experience you are involved in 24/7! God Bless your efforts in this competition!

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