De Sica Harry, Accounting

De Sica Harry

Born in Guyana, De Sica Harry had to overcome many cultural obstacles when coming to America. She recalls struggling with things that seemed simple for everyone else in her elementary school classes – even things like ordering school lunches.  She overcame those obstacles, of course, but says that she felt much the same way when she first became a student at USF.  Harry says that this challenge – and the fact that she is one of the first people in her family to pursue a college degree is something that she is proud of but, again, it meant that she was in unfamiliar territory and things that seemed easy to others were challenging to her.  She cites an example that, like in elementary school, involves lunch, describing a business meal where she did not recognize her lunch options and the requisite business dining etiquette.

Fortunately, Harry says, she is part of the Corporate Mentor Program at the Muma College of Business. She was paired with a mentor who would show her how to become a leader in the corporate world.  She also learned about dining etiquette and says she has enjoyed being paired with a business mentor, crediting him and the program for helping her improve her resume, create an online profile, and strategize for the interviewing process.

Harry is heavily involved in Chi Alpha, a Christian Fellowship on campus. She held the treasurer position last year, where she was responsible for creating ideas for fundraising, leading multicultural girls in small group discussions, and discipling a freshman student in a one-on-one personal cultivation process.  She has thrived in the group and was recently nominated to serve as president of the organization for the 2016-17 year.  

Additionally, Harry is involved in the Accounting Society and volunteers as an adult leader in KidsWorld, where she mentors a small group of elementary girls. She provides the girls with advice and support when needed. Harry also participated in a homeless outreach program. She helped to feed, clothe, and provide emotional support to the homeless. As a result, some of those touched by the program were able to find homes, get jobs and become more stabilized.


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  1. I’m so proud of your! You are a great motivator and with an open heart to give the best of yourself in moments of needs and understanding. Keep up with your vision and beautiful smile !

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