Quan Nguyen, Finance

Quan Nguyen

When Quan Nguyen’s family emigrated from Vietnam to the U.S. in 2008, he had trouble adjusting. Knowing little to no English, Nguyen developed a fear of public speaking and was hesitant to take on challenges. The strong student leader and young professional worked hard to overcome this hesitation when he arrived at USF.

Nguyen joined Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, a Greek organization that emphasizes academic achievement. His leadership as academic chair led to Pi Delta Psi being recognized as the fraternity with the highest GPA among USF fraternities for two consecutive semesters. He now serves as the fraternity’s vice president.

Nguyen has served on the executive board of Asian students in America, leading group activities that strengthened the bonds between students of different cultural backgrounds. He conquered his fear of public speaking by serving as emcee for many events, including the Mr. and Mrs. Asia Scholarship Pageant at USF.

Additionally, he is active in the Corporate Mentor Program, has participated in the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Virtual Academy, and was selected to be the first store manager of Suit-A-Bull, a professional clothing lending closet. He has led a team of store assistants and helped hundreds of students since the store’s 2015 inception.

Nguyen strives for a career in the financial services industry and has interned twice, once at ConnectWise, one of the top business management platforms worldwide, and later at Citigroup, one of America’s largest banks.

16 Replies to “Quan Nguyen, Finance”

  1. Congrats Quan – you totally deserve this recognition! You’ve grown so much since high school! Greetings and best wishes from Edmonton, Alberta ❤

  2. Congrats Quan – you definitely deserve this recognition! You’ve grown so much since SLS! Greetings and best wishes from Edmonton, Alberta ❤

  3. Keep Moving forward as well as inspiring more young Asian -American generations to contribute more for our society.

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