Robyn Oliveri, Marketing

Robyn Oliveri

After months of uncertainty, Robyn Oliveri found a way to integrate her marketing studies with a field she is truly passionate about: sports.

Two weeks after moving to Tampa, Oliveri decided to get out of her comfort zone by joining the Women’s Rugby Team on campus. She was elected treasurer of the club her sophomore and junior year, and now serves as the president. By leading her team on and off the field, Oliveri fundraised enough to move her team from Division II to Division I, and helped her team win Sport Club of the Year her first year on the executive board.

Having to pay for college and living expenses almost entirely on her own, Oliveri knew she had to find a balance in order to make her sports marketing dream come true. She started as a federal work study student at the Registrar’s Office with limited hours.

To get by, she picked up a variety of part-time jobs such as a math tutor at Kumon, a softball umpire on campus, and a phone operator at L&J Holdings. Her hard work paid off when she was promoted to a temporary OPS worker at the Registrar’s Office which allowed her to focus on that position. Her peers and supervisors noted her work ethic when she was nominated for the Student Employee of the Year award in 2015.

During her junior year, Oliveri was invited to the Marketing Mentor Program where she was fortunate enough to be mentored by Darcy Raymond, the vice president of marketing for the Tampa Bay Rays. Her mentorship experience confirmed her commitment to sports marketing.

24 Replies to “Robyn Oliveri, Marketing”

  1. Congrats! That was a quick four years. Your hard work has definitely shown in all your accomplishments.

  2. Your a very motivated , successful young women. You make your Dad so proud I know. Congratulations . BBQ

  3. Robyn
    I’m so proud of you and will always support you.
    Once you put your mind to it. You always succeed
    You dedication and hard work will pay off in the end.
    Love always. Dad.

  4. Robyn we are all so proud of you. Your work ethics, determination to succeed in school sports and life are a wonderful testimony to you , as your parent I’m so very proud. I will not take any credit for it though sweetheart . You were given the tools however it was you and you alone that learned how the build your life. I love you kiddo!! So very proud
    Love ,

  5. Robyn, I’m so very proud of you. You are the epitome of what it takes to be successful. Your work ethics in your academics, sports and work life demonstrates what it takes to reach the mark. Keep doing what you feel in your heart and that alone with take you to the top!


  6. Always and will be proud of your humble spirit, work ethics and determine to succeed. Keep on pressing forward, the sky is the limit!
    One of your cheerleaders,

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