Jiaxin Zhang, Business Analytics & Information Systems/ Accounting

JiaxinZhang2Jiaxin Zhang is a Chinese-American who was born and spent many of her formative years in the small, traditional village of Fuijan. As a child, Zhang thought a quality education was out of  reach due to her limited knowledge of English and enforcement of male-biased gender roles in her community.

But Zhang was determined to take responsibility for her own education and success. She began working at 11 years old, first at her family’s restaurant, then taking on other part-time work to put herself through school. After enrolling at USF, Zhang has interned with Northwestern Mutual as a financial representative intern and Raymond James Financial as an operational risk intern. This summer Zhang, now a senior, will intern with Goldman Sachs’ internal audit division in New York City.

As a freshman, Zhang served as an executive student leader for INTO USF, a program that helps international students adapt to the educational and social norms of their new location. This experience inspired her to establish a chapter of Project Pengyou at USF, an organization that seeks to create healthy discourse between Chinese, American and other international students.

Zhang is the current president for Chinese Students and Scholar and was recently selected into USF Ambassadors Program, as well as the Order of the Golden Brahman.

After completing her combined degree of business analytics and information systems and accounting, Zhang intends to earn an MBA and CPA credentials so she is able to be an influential force in the international business community.

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