Rendy Suryo, Finance

RendyS2Rendy Suryo is a student of the world. Having traveled extensively, he is poised and eager to be unleashed onto the global business environment.

A graduating senior focused on a bachelor’s degree in finance, Suryo has skipped around the globe, studying in Indonesia, Australia and China as well as the United States. He speaks four languages: Indonesian, Javanese, English and Mandarin Chinese. Learning so many new languages is a testament to his persistence and tenacity, something that will come in handy in the complicated world of global finance.

He is a recipient of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I Scholarship and is also pursuing the certification. Citibank in collaboration with USF acknowledged him as their Anti Money Laundering graduate in 2016 and earlier this year, as a Third Party Risk Management graduate.

His wide ranging travels have instilled in Suryo an ability to adapt to new environments quickly and work closely with people from different backgrounds. He is a graduate of The Global Leadership Program at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, and attended classes at the Qingdao University in Shandong, China, where he taught English to elementary school students. In Australia, he was involved with Catholic Student Asian Society to serve the homeless and raised money to support education through an Indonesian NGO.  

Suryo is currently serving as a financial literacy content expert for both elementary and high school students in a program administered by Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay. He will graduate with an overall 3.88 grade-point average and receive an Undergraduate Research credit for his involvement in the Business Case Competition.

8 Replies to “Rendy Suryo, Finance”

  1. Rendy was my elementary school friend, he’s so passionate about what he does. I would really proud and appreciate if he could be the best student in this competition.

    kind regards,


  2. Rendy was my student in Senior high school. He’s a good in every subject. He always did his job with his responsibility. He always won in competition such as English, Science, bridge competition, etc. He’s also good in languange skills Rendy is one of our remarkable students. we are proud of him.

    1. Mrs. Nike, you may sound a bit exaggerated to praise me, I really appreciate the compliments. Thank you for supporting me all this long, I hope to see you again during my next visit to Indonesia.

  3. Rendy was a student in my English class. I was also his homeroom teacher when he was at year 10. He got such a leadership spirit. He easily got along with his friends and was able to drive them to do some good projects or good action in real life, including being a pioneer in our school to set up school TV. He has eagerness to always learn, experience and live at the fullest, and he keeps doing that. He is a whole person I’be never known.

    1. Mrs. Wahyu, thank you for the kind words !! You’re surely one of those impactful people in my life that has brought me to this point. Please convey my regards to all teachers at SMA Regina Pacis Solo !!

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