For Rebecca Mesiner, business is an outlet for creativity and personal growth. Enrolling in the Muma College of Business has opened up to her a world of unique and driven individuals. Her experiences here have allowed her to go beyond what’s comfortable, to take some risks that prove to be beneficial.

A senior majoring in international business with a minor in Spanish, Mesiner from the start immersed herself in the program. She joined the Bulls Business Community as a freshman and later served as lead mentor for the Living Learning Community. She has connected with other like-minded students and has been inspired to start two of her own businesses, selling organic coffee scrubs and custom swimwear.

She served as a USF Ambassador and now is the director of administrative affairs with that program, making her the primary point of contact for executives and nonprofits seeking USF representation.

Outside of classes, she has worked as a barista at Starbucks, where she spiked revenue by establishing weekly community coffee tastings.

She became involved in politics during the 2016 presidential campaign and founded a campus campaign group to raise awareness about the issues. She organized voter registration drives, rallies and debate watch parties. She even volunteered for an independent voter mapping project in Hillsborough County.

Mesiner, who has a 3.56 grade-point average, has become proficient in Spanish, a language she says she will need for an international business career, and has completed two summer study abroad programs in Spain. She expects to graduate in December 2017.