Taylor Moody, Accounting

Taylor Moody has had a passion for golf since she was a child and today she proudly represents USF as a student athlete. She does not leave her passion and dedication on the course though.

Moody is the representative for the golf team on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and serves as secretary and chair of the organization’s campus involvement committee. She was tapped into the Order of the Golden Brahman when she was a sophomore and continues to strive to promote and preserve the values of the university.

As a member of the golf team, Moody participates in the Great American Teach-In where she mentors elementary-school children and shares with young students the steps she took to get where she is today.

Through the skills she has garnered at the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy, Moody has held internships with the Shinn & Company accounting firm and will have a tax internship this summer with KPMG. She will graduate this May.

Moody gives back to her community through her volunteer work with Stampede of Service, The Special Olympics and Metropolitan Ministries in downtown Tampa and is an exemplary model of a USF student athlete.

14 Replies to “Taylor Moody, Accounting”

  1. She’s a remarkable young woman…wears many hats and wears them well… her dedication to her studies, golfing and volunteering is evident…

  2. This field does not have an *why do I have to leave a comment. However as the mom of a USF graduate I think Taylor makes a remarkaBULL Bull

  3. Taylor takes on so many responsibilities as a student athlete and does it all with grace, always keeping her eyes set on the future. She is a great role model to her peers, and many look to her for advice. Taylor’s future is quite bright. I speak for my entire family when I say Congrats on your many accomplishments, Taylor, we are so very proud of you!

  4. Tremendous young person, had the pleasure of being one of her high school golf coaches.Ed Waters, St.Thomas Aquinas High School

  5. Taylor’s resume and profile are very impressive. What a great mentor and role model for elementary students! Congratulations on your great work!

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