Jacob Edens, Marketing

A senior majoring in marketing, Jacob Edens not only excels in his education but also his leadership and professional development. Edens, having achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, accredits his experiences in the Boy Scouts with providing him the leadership skills and perseverance he needed to succeed in school and his career.

His leadership abilities have helped him manage many projects including community service activities, philanthropies and entrepreneurial ventures. He achieved first place in the Muma College of Business Elevator Pitch Competition and ranked fourth in the Tampa Building Entrepreneurship Around Tampa competition.

Edens started his own company, Metabology, in 2015. The company offers services of a weekly meal preparation focused on providing healthy foods in the Tampa Bay area. The company is growing and plans to achieve six figures of revenue by the end of the year. Metabology is considered one of the premier businesses developed on USF campus and was invited to participate in the Second Annual REEF Governor’s Cup of Florida Business Model Competition.

As the company continues to grow and develop, Edens has become even more enthralled with the nature of entrepreneurship. He looks forward to creating businesses to help individuals stay healthy and all the other opportunities awaiting him.

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