Yi Su, Accounting

One of Yi Su’s primary goals was to master English upon her arrival to the United States of America. A skill that was quickly mastered according to her mentors. She then focused on learning cultural and societal norms.

Despite the lifestyle changes she went through, Su accomplished making the Dean’s List of Scholars for Academic Excellence during her freshman year, following the acceptance of a certificate for achievement in financial accounting. With ambition boiling in her blood as a young Bull, Su was ready to take on the world.

After deciding that accounting was not enough, she picked up a minor in management information systems, both of which would become a passion of hers. As an accounting major attending Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy, she has worked hard to maintain a 3.67 grade-point average on a track to graduate in May 2017. She worked as an accounting intern at Rogerge Poskus International, where she specialized in tax preparation.

Su serves as the Beta Buddy Committee Chair for Beta Alpha Psi Delta Gamma chapter, a mentor for the Accounting Society Mentoring Committee and an ambassador for USF’s GloBull committee. She was recently accepted into the USF Master in Accountancy Program starting this summer. Although it hasn’t been easy, with hard work and courage Su continues to excel and is confident that her investment in knowledge at USF will pay off.

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