Alexandra Florescu, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Alexandra Florescu came from a small town in Transylvania and met her self-confidence challenges head on. Set on achieving the American Dream, she is set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business analytics and information systems in May with a 3.96 overall GPA. But it wasn’t always an easy journey.

Among the challenges she conquered is public speaking, something she always feared. A course in public speaking, to her dismay, was among the first she took at USF and it opened up a new world to her. She discovered the foundations of her self-confidence and even though her first few speeches were sloppy, she ended up in the top 10 percent of the class.

While her studies are Florescu’s top priority, she also gives back. She has volunteered over the past three years both on and off the USF campus, starting with the Stampede of Service, where she served as site leader. She also became a mentor for a group of five high school students competing in the Teen Business Challenge hosted by the Computer Mentors group. Her group took second place. She also has served as president of the Business Honors Service Association and vice president of the Global Citizens Project Student Association.

Florescu is an executive intern at the USF Federal Credit Union where she hones her customer service, cash-transaction and troubleshooting skills at the student-run financial center at which business students provide much of the workforce. She is a member of the Business Honors Program, the Bulls Business Community and the USF Honors College.

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