Juliana Farcheva, Corporate Finance

Juliana Farcheva earned a B in a business and economic statistics class, and it ruined her perfect 4.0 GPA, something that turned out to provide inspiration rather than discouragement. The lesson she took from it: As long as she continues improving herself, she does not have to be 100 percent perfect all of the time.

Farcheva is on track to graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a minor in accounting. She has an overall GPA of 3.96 and has made the dean’s list since the fall of 2015. She works as a finance and accounting intern at Erwin, Inc. and in the past has served as an accounting intern at Health Management Systems, where she prepared month-end fiscal reports; and a summer office management intern at Renewable Energy Electric, where she worked on obtaining permits from governmental offices. Both internships were in Las Vegas.

The accounting internship sparked her interest, giving her insight to the daily lives of accountants. She got a chance to post daily accounting entries, handle customer refund checks and help with auditor payroll.

Closer to home, Farcheva is vice president and financial officer for Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions, an environmental group on campus, which encourages the university to participate in sustainability initiatives. The group also started a community garden, which donates crops to the needy around Tampa Bay.

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