Angelica Nguyen, Finance

Angelica Nguyen is already advising students on how best to present résumés and write cover letters. She is a career peer advisor with USF Career Services and counsels up to 20 students a week. She also guides students in job searches and conducts presentations to student organizations and classes to promote and market the center.

Nguyen will graduate in May 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. She has an overall GPA of 3.97, is a USF Honors Scholar and the recipient of a number of academic scholarships and awards, including the USF Presidential Award. She is a mentor and social committee chair of the Bulls Business Community, where she acts as a positive role model for mentees and plans events and programs supporting the short- and long-term goals of the organization. She also serves as vice president for the USF Student Finance Association.

With a long-term goal of becoming a financial analyst, she has established relationships with professionals in the financial field and has attended events and taken part in programs on and off campus. She has accepted a summer internship at Honeywell.

Nguyen is a member of the USF Honors College and is involved with its Student Council Volunteer Committee. Last year, she traveled with other students to Peru to help plant and harvest crops that were delivered to families in poor mountain communities.

14 Replies to “Angelica Nguyen, Finance”

  1. Angelica is a remarkable student and is just as remarkable outside of schooling. She’s brilliant and is a gift to this world.

  2. As Angelica’s brother I am so proud, and stunned by all of her accomplishments. Things I’ve known. Things I didn’t know. Things I would have thought would be impossible to perform. I find myself baffled by Angelica’s achievements. How such deeds could come so naturally to her, and always have. Always knowing she was bound for eminence and is to prestige in whatever she became passionate about. Her unpretentious obliging temperament comes innately while at the same time proving more and more the she’s a force to be reckoned with. I love my sister and she is without a question remarkable.

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