Peter Kivuva, Finance

Peter Kivuva’s future appears to be set. In November, seven months before graduation, he received an offer from Goldman Sachs to join its New York City office in July. The Goldman Sachs offer is a dream job for Kivuva, who will receive a bachelor’s degree in finance in May.

He has worked as a finance and accounting intern at the International Transport Workers Federation in London last year. He was responsible for processing maritime income, sales ledger receipts in several foreign currencies and creating excel models for the company. He is one of the first people in his family to go to college and says academics have been the cornerstone of his values and the catalyst that changed his life. He serves as the assistant dean of pledge education for Delta Sigma Pi and is the alumni ambassador for USF Education Abroad and the American Institute for Foreign Study.

Last summer, he took a job as a seasonal au pair in Madrid, teaching English to three young children while teaching himself Spanish at the same time. He says the experience was extremely rewarding and that he feels he made a significant impact on the children’s lives.

He is currently a mentee with the Corporate Mentor Program and also tutors for several accounting and finance courses. In 2015, he was the recipient of the Accountancy Achievement Award and in 2016, he was named a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholar.

11 Replies to “Peter Kivuva, Finance”

  1. May the Lord bless You richly in all You endeavor.
    Your Father’s Friends.
    Rev.Evans Sira Sira.

  2. Congratulations Peter you’re a gogetter all the best dear.May God grant you will all the desires of you heart.

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