Gabriela Rigaud, Marketing

Gabriela Rigaud has flourished after arriving at USF, seeking a greater challenge. She has made the dean’s list throughout her educational career and is set to graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in mass communications. She has an overall GPA of 3.91, speaks five languages and is a member of the USF chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Rigaud studied abroad in Florence, Italy and now works with the Global Citizens Project to recruit, inform and mentor future project participants. Additionally, she serves as the vice president of communications for the USF American Marketing Association and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, putting in more than 300 hours working on event planning for fundraising efforts. She also has served as site leader for Stampede of Service at USF.

She serves as a marketing assistant for USF Campus Recreation and now works as a marketing intern for Bristol-Myers Squibb, developing communications strategies for internal marketing within the biopharmaceutical giant.

Rigaud is the recipient of the International Student Scholarship and the Premier Member Award, offered by the USF American Marketing Association and holds a tutor certification, awarded in November 2017. She received a marketing research certification last year and participated in the USF Marketing Mentorship Program through Raymond James in the spring of 2017.

67 Replies to “Gabriela Rigaud, Marketing”

  1. Gaby
    Be as you always have been, a bright girl walking towards the future.
    We are proud of you !

  2. Congrats Gaby! So proud of you. Your parents and Nona must be extatic..
    Hugs from tio Angel and me.

  3. Congrats Gaby! So proud of you..
    Your parents and Nona must be extatic
    Hugs from tio Angel and myself

  4. Great accomplishment Gaby. You make the Vlieg’s all over the world feel proud.
    Yeyo Dutari Vlieg

  5. Gaby, I am so proud of you! You ate extremely talented and I know you will do well with anything you do!!! Your awesome!!! Blessings to you always!!

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