Ireana Ugarte Uzcategui, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Ireana Ugarte moved to Florida from Venezuela for a better life, but soon after she got here, her native country’s political and economic problems forced her family to immigrate to Panama where they had to start over. The upshot of all this was that her family could no longer send Ugarte money to help support her education. At the age of 19, she was on her own in a strange country, amid strangers in a large university.

However, Ugarte was determined to not let anything stand in the way of her academics. Before transferring to USF, Ugarte made Valencia College dean’s list every semester. She founded a new student organization that promoted Latin culture through dance, served as an active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and worked on campus 20 hours per week as a computer lab specialist, event coordinator and math tutor. Ugarte has volunteered for Give Kids the World and Second Harvest Food Bank, received the Certificate of Distinction for Excellence in Leadership and was awarded scholarships from the Valencia Foundation for two years consecutively .

Now, Ugarte plans to continue to grow. She currently serves as a computer lab assistant with the USF Student Government Computer Services and is the Latin America Cultural Attaché with INTO, where she supports international students through their transitions into the university. She is also the recipient of the Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship and is a member of the Professional Sales Club.

Many would have folded, but the adversity steeled Ugarte’s reserve and she has flourished since arriving to the U.S. She will graduate in May 2019 with a GPA of 4.0 and a bachelor’s degree in business analytics and information systems with a concentration in cybersecurity.

60 Replies to “Ireana Ugarte Uzcategui, Business Analytics and Information Systems”

    1. Besides being a smart person, she has a beautiful soul! God bless you bella! You deserve this scholarship, and you will get it!

  1. she is a fighter from birth and an excellent daughter, unconditional friend, excellent student, is a humanist with a character that leads him to lead noble causes and solidarity

  2. She’s the best! A very remarkable your lady who works harder than anyone else in order to achieve her goals. One of her major skills is time management and resolving conflicts within team.

  3. There is no reason why not to vote for this women. She is a grate leader and i have seen this first hand. There is nothing that i have seen her encounter that she has not been able to achieve. She is dedicate, inteligent, creative and many other things that describe here. I known here for 3 years and in those three years there is not one time i have not counted with here she has grate opinions and is grate with nombers. I have seen here take on diferent Objectives in life where she has really broven to everyone that her aim is to be the best she can be in everything. I am glad to vote for ireana ugarte and im also glad to be here friend. Ire rarara ire rarara!!!!

  4. se merece mi voto por su altisima dedicacion y ganas de prepararse.
    no es querer es hacer lo que quieres.


  6. All the best to Ireana. I wish you will win! You deserve it! Proud of a young hard working Venezuelan lady!

  7. Yo conozco al papá, y si es cierto lo “de tal palo está la astilla”, entonces la hija debe ser excepcional.

  8. Ireana is the hardest worker I know! She proves to people that anyone can make it no matter what background, she’s going to be a figure to USF. She sthe most intelligent and authentic leaders I’ve known, and I have been in the military for over 13 years now, advising and assisting many current ones.

  9. Ireana is an incredible talented woman that has inspired many throughout her life. Kindness, positivity, passion and honesty defines her. She is always determined to achieve any goals and very humble in whatever she does.

  10. Es una niña ejemplo a seguir para muchos jovenes. Felicitaciones por ese empuje y alegria que le pones a cada momento de tu vida. Muchas bendiciones. Soy Sandra Lia amiga Colombiana de tus papis. Espero conocerte pronto.

  11. she is a fighter from birth and an excellent daughter, unconditional friend, excellent student, ireana is a humanist with a character that leads her to lead noble causes and solidarity

  12. I can think of no other person who not only deserves this honor, but who has earned it. We worked together at Valencia and from day one you just knew that she had a goal and that she wouldn’t allow anything or anyone prevent her from reaching it.

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