Victor Zapparoli, Finance

Victor Zapparoli says that receiving an education in the United States counts as among his biggest accomplishments. He has been on this path since he was seven months old, when his parents, living in the countryside of Brazil, started putting money away in a college fund.

Even with that savings account, Zapparoli still had to find ways to complete his education. So, he started playing tennis to further his education. At 18, he received more than 20 offers for academic and athletic scholarships to study in the United States. He considers this his first big accomplishment. At the first college he attended, Webber International University, Zapparoli was the captain of the tennis team and took time to teach tennis to underprivileged children.

He has participated in two exchange programs, one at the Geneva Business School in Switzerland where he led a group of international students in a strategic management course, and the other at the EDHEC Business School in France. He has also carried out two finance internships in Sao Paulo, Brazil, focusing on cost minimization in logistics operations and financial analysis.

Zapparoli will graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in finance with a concentration in corporate finance. He has a 4.0 GPA and is a member of the Brazilian Student Association and the Corporate Mentor Program. He is also fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.  

82 Replies to “Victor Zapparoli, Finance”

  1. I voted in Victor from brazil , cause he s intelligent , smart and also good boy, so i pround to see your video and i d like to say congrats and hope all the best.

  2. Parabéns Victor, por todo empenho e dedicação.
    Nós aqui no Brasil estamos torcendo por você .

  3. Brazil demonstrates its strength through Victor and we are here to ensure its success.

  4. Victor is a very hard-working young man dedicated to studies. I’m sure it will be a great professional.

  5. Victor is a very hard-working young man dedicated to studies. I am sure that he will be a great professional of integral character and excellent family formation, I believe very much in his professional potential, because courage does not lack to him to meet the challenges that life imposes on him.

  6. always liked to play tennis, especially in the company of his father, Renato. very educated, like all his family, from early on he demonstrated to be a promising young man, because always it was dedicated much to the studies. It is those young people who know exactly what they want and expect from the future, to the point of separating from their family and going to study in the USA, since we Brazilians, we are very attached to parents and family. I believe very much in the potential of this young man and I believe that if he has the chance, he will be able to overcome all the obstacles that life imposes to him. Congratulations Victor, the future is your challenge, may God be with you at this moment so important in your life.

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