Wei Yang Yap, Marketing

Wei Yang Yap has no interest in staying in one place. His goal after graduation is to work for an international corporation based in multiple countries so that he can travel the world and learn different cultures. Yap is on a track to graduate in August 2019 with bachelor’s degrees in business administration with a concentration in marketing and world languages with a concentration in Spanish.

Coming from a multicultural background, Yap fluently speaks mandarin, malay, and cantonese. He works as a teaching assistant, where he helps students to understand business statistics. He was also invited to be part of the Marketing Mentor Program. He was a member of the iBuddy program, which promotes diversity and acceptance of different cultures. Soon after joining, Yap was placed on the leadership board as the international outreach coordinator. He was also a student leader with INTO USF, where he promoted cultural exchange by interacting with students from various countries.

As a volunteer at TEDxUSF in the USF Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, Yap evaluated speakers and gave constructive criticism. He has participated with other committee members in making plans to draw more attendees to the events. All this exposure to various cultures is part of his path to further his future career as a global marketer.

30 Replies to “Wei Yang Yap, Marketing”

  1. I have known Wei Yang for many years and have seen remarkable changes in him. Indeed an extraordinary chap with sheer determination to prove he is someone to be reckoned with!!!💪

  2. Wei Yang has successfully transformed himself from a young school boy to what he is today. A very remarkable person who knows what he wants to accomplish in life and working very industriously to achieve his goals.
    He will be a future great leader.

  3. He is an outstanding undergraduate who excelled in his study and social activities. He is outgoing & have high leadership quality.

  4. Yap’s interest in global cultural diversity is a much needed effort to promote world peace and understanding especially in this digital age where personal interaction is lacking. With his passion for travel and marketing and his leadership as shown in his voluntary work as mentor, student leader and coordinator deserves mention and my vote. Thank you.

  5. Wei Yang is highly recommended for his outstanding track records and ability to connect people from different diversity.

  6. A brilliant, active and remarkable young student. Bright future requires smart hardworking and self confident. Best wishes!

  7. I know Wei Yang since he was a small boy,. He is very intelligent and smart . Today he has proven himself that he is the next leadership for the young generation . Good luck to you and all the best , you are extraordinary !!

  8. Remarkable individual who always pursues his goals. Has never looked back and always triumphs. 100 out 10 would recommend!

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