Jessica Kelso, Finance


Jessica Kelso’s short three-year college career has provided her with the inspiration, knowledge, and skills she will need to successfully enter the professional business world. Kelso spent the summer of 2017 studying at the University College of London Birkbeck. She also maintained several leadership roles within Zeta Tau Alpha, the Student Finance Association, and the Bulls Business Community.

Majoring in finance, she is set to graduate in May 2019 with recognition as a high-achieving member of the Business Honors Program, Honors College, and Provost Scholars Program. Kelso is graduating in the top 10% of all undergraduate and graduate students at USF, having been inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society.

As part of the USF-Tampa team, Kelso was recently awarded first place at the CFA Ethics Invitational hosted by the CFA Society of Tampa Bay. Additionally, she will present her thesis to the research community at the USF Undergraduate Research Conference in early April.

Kelso’s admission into the Applied Securities Analysis course, an elite program in which only a handful of high-achieving finance students are enrolled, has strengthened her passion for investments. As a student equity research analyst in the Student Managed Investment Fund, Kelso analyzes undervalued equities, presents her stock recommendations to a board of industry professionals, and monitors the fund’s portfolio of $1 million.

During her senior year, Kelso interned at Jaffe Tilchin Wealth Management, where she will begin her professional career upon graduation.

18 Replies to “Jessica Kelso, Finance”

  1. Wow! Very impressive accomplishments and exceedes her peers. This young lady has demonstrated what you can accomplish when you work hard for what you want. Most people do not achieve such high standards such as Miss Kelso has in a life time.
    She has my vote!

  2. Jessica is such a hard worker in school and every aspect of her life! So proud of her current accomplishments and so excited to see what the future holds!!!

  3. I have know this beautiful and smart young lady since she was a baby. All these accomplishments doesn’t surprise me one bit! So very proud of you and excited for your bright future Jessica.

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