Marina Jankovic, Marketing and Mass Communications

IMG_6242Marina Jankovic’s life has been shaped by advice that her mother gave her when she was just 5 years old. Her family had just emigrated from ex-Yugoslavia and was struggling in their new U.S. home. Her mom said: “The only way you can afford to go to college and have a successful life is if you work harder than everyone else.”

Jankovic took that advice and practiced that mantra through every facet of her life and academic career. She is set to graduate in May 2019, with a dual degree in marketing and mass communications. She maintains a grade-point average of 3.95 and has participated in the Corporate Mentor Program, the Marketing Mentor Program and the USF Honors College. She is a USF Presidential Scholar, a Florida Academic Scholar and a USF Honors Scholar.

Jankovic, for the past three years, has served as marketing coordinator and graphic designer for the USF Marshall Student Center where she designed the 10th anniversary art exhibition and the weekly Takeover Tuesday social media campaign. At one point two years ago, when the marketing manager went on leave, Jankovic took over as interim marketing manager, supervising a marketing team and supporting clients. Jankovic interned at AAA for 11 months, during which she planned and launched multiple marketing plans. She also interned at Ashley Furniture.

She is fluent in Croatian, Bosnian and English and is verbally fluent in Serbian.




2 Replies to “Marina Jankovic, Marketing and Mass Communications”

  1. Marina is intelligent, strong, valuable, reliable young woman. With her enthusiasm, charisma and willingness to learn, to do and to give in all aspects of her life I stroy believe she deserves this recognition and beyond!!

  2. I know Marina and her family for many years and she has always impressed me with her academic performace. She is a fighter and she deserves the best.

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