Sarah Gimbel, Marketing

IMG_6187Sarah Gimbel is a year from graduating, but she’s already giving back to the USF community. Having received a scholarship at a time of personal crisis that allowed her to start and continue her classes at USF, she has established the Howard Gimbel Memorial Foundation in her father’s name and has raised $3,600 in scholarship money for deserving students of Riverview High School, her alma mater, in 2017.

She plans to do the same this year and expand scholarship opportunities for children of Tampa police officers planning to attend college. Her father, a 20-year veteran of the Tampa Police Department, was killed in a motorcycle accident weeks before she was to start her freshman year at USF.

As president of the foundation, she plans charity events, including an annual sport-clay shooting event; designs all the marketing materials, prepares the annual budget and financials for tax returns. She handles all reporting to be compliant with taxing agencies.

She is set to graduate in May 2020 with a degree in marketing with a concentration in sales and a minor in entrepreneurship and has been on the Dean’s List in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018.  She serves as the chief marketing officer for the USF Professional Sales Club and placed third overall out of 64 students in the recent Selling with the Bulls Intercollegiate Sales Competition. She also has taken on the responsibility of recruiting new members to the club with classroom presentations and engagement through social media.

She also is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha-Kappa Sigma chapter, where she serves as vice president of philanthropy and has set this year’s goal to raise $40,000 for breast cancer education and awareness.

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