Maria Garzon Rincon, Finance and Management

IMG_6207Maria Garzon Rincon has immersed herself in the USF experience since coming here four years ago. She enrolled in the Corporate Mentor Program, tutored students and participated in the study abroad opportunities in London. She is comfortable adapting to different business environments and is adept at sharing ideas with others.

She graduates in May 2019 with a dual degree in finance and management. In July, she embarks on her career, having landed a position as an analyst with Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City. It was her experience there as a summer analyst last year that paved the way. During that stint, she participated in the pilot rotation program and worked on various teams under trade and transaction management.

On campus, she continues to be a business calculus tutor in the Academic Success Center and teaches the ins and outs of calculus to 15 students at a time in a group setting and she serves as a peer leader for business calculus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. She is enrolled in the USF Honors College and is a member of the Latin American Student Association, the University Student Tutor Association, Venezuelan Student Alliance and is a volunteer for Autism Shifts.

She also worked as a student leader for INTO USF, welcoming international students during orientation week and helping them adapt to the American educational system and culture. A native of Colombia, Garzon Rincon was promoted to executive student leader at INTO USF and was given the responsibility of mentoring, leading and supporting her coworkers. She speaks Spanish, her native language, and is fluent in English.

50 Replies to “Maria Garzon Rincon, Finance and Management”

  1. I’m aware how she has worked hard to accomplish all her goals. She’s someone I will always admire for her tenacity and determination.

  2. Maria has proven to be an outstanding, disciplined and inquiring student with remarkable capabilities.

  3. Know Maria Jose since I was 10 years old and I’m more than aware of her personnal commitmet with college responibilities and professional goals. No doubt she should the one selected.

  4. Maria is not only a remarkable student but also an excellent woman. Her qualities and talents are unique.

  5. She is such a hard working individual and perhaps the best person to count on in order to achieve any personal or group goal. She won’t set just for average, she will go for more than anyone had ever done before.

  6. María José es una jovencita digna de admirar, responsable y confiable…logra todo lo que se propone

  7. She is a clear example of leadership, responsability and commitment. You deserve all that is coming your way!!

  8. Mi Linda Tote.
    No solo llenas de felicidad y orgullo a tus padres y hermana con tus Logros ademas Destacados. Tambien a lo que te amamos como tus Tios y Primos.
    Que Dios te bendiga y te guie en tu brillante carrera como Profesional.

  9. Maria is a leader, an excellent student and, most important, a great person. She definitely deserves it!!!

  10. Im very proud of Maria Jose. She is an outstanding person who always helps people to solve problems. Since I’ve known her, she’s a woman with a lot of character and leadership who always knows what to do.

  11. I have had the pleasure to work with Maria for over 3 years. Maria is a really hard working and dedicated individual, she puts in her best effort in all the tasks she signs up for.

  12. Maria was my tutor and is now my co-worker. She has always been of great help and has displayed her leadership, responsability, and commitment while helping students.

  13. Maria deserves it!! I admire her discipline and perseverance to accomplish her goals. She is a remarkable student and a great leader.

  14. Maria is a passionate and hardworking professional as well as a leader at heart. There is no doubt she is going to generate meaningful contributions and an impact in her field of work. I strongly believe she should be selected.

  15. Para mi ya eres la ganadora. Y como siempre digo ” Que gane el o la mejor ” Estoy muy orgullosa de ti, mi niña dorada. Besos y abrazos.

  16. So proud of you
    You are the best
    Congrats my princess love you so much 😘😘enjoy every second in your life Today your dreams come true

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