Sonia Duraimurugan, Marketing

IMG_6221Sonia Duraimurugan wouldn’t exactly call herself a scholar before she came to USF as a freshman in 2016. But since coming here, she has set her mind to the task and has excelled in just about every way. She took full advantage of her education here and increased her involvement in leadership opportunities both on and off campus. She has gained skills such as public speaking, which she never thought she possessed before coming here.

She is set to graduate in May 2020 with a degree in marketing. She has maintained a 3.97 grade-point average and currently serves as executive vice president of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, where she coordinates the annual induction ceremony. At the society, she also trains officers on how to perform their duties and coordinates with other organizations to host events on campus. In 2017-18, she was vice president of publications for the society, assisted in increasing campus engagement through the outreach program and strengthened member involvement via social media platforms.

Duraimurugan is vice president of the USF Marketing Association, leading a group of 15 members in creating policies and guidelines, making community connections with local firms through networking and resolving issues as they may arise within the association. She continues to serve a marketing intern for Web Direct Brands.

She placed first in the 2017 Elevator Pitch Competition at the American Marketing Regional Conference and has served as a mentor for Liberty Middle School students, all while being named to the Dean’s List throughout her time at USF.

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  1. She is a very hard worker ever since i have known her she is a really inspiring person in her friends life she is just a good person and a hard worker over all.💥✨👍 Good luck sonia your girl olivve

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