Elvins Derisma, Finance

Derisma, Elvins HeadshotElvins Derisma has grit.

Derisma joined the U.S. Army as a high school senior. There, he spent four years in an infantry unit learning about land reconnaissance, battlefield communication and teamwork in times of exceptional stress. Despite the rigorous physical training and demanding schedule, Derisma started his college career at about the same time, completing two years of college while on active duty. He slept less than four hours a night for two years but says his diligence paid off as his grades never slipped during that time.  He currently has a 3.43 GPA.

He says his motivation for excellence comes from being raised in an immigrant family. He also says the military taught him lessons he is now using as co-president of the USF Real Estate Society, a student organization with 400 members. Derisma helped arrange corporate tours, brought in guest speakers and led meetings. He believes real estate is critical to the overall economy, and also complex – which coupled with what he calls a “low-yield economic environment” for fixed-income investors – can lead to an oversupply in the property markets as investors search for higher yield. He says students need to learn as much as they can from their classes while also gleaning insight from experienced professionals.

Though Derisma is no longer an infantryman, he is still working while attending school. He is a commercial real estate development analyst, working full-time and learning different methodologies regarding the real estate investment process, municipality regulatory process, financial modeling,

Derisma plans to pursue a master’s degree next. He has already been accepted into schools such as Georgetown University, New York University and the University of California, Berkeley.

5 Replies to “Elvins Derisma, Finance”

  1. I had the tremendous honor to be one of Elvins administrators in high school. I knew, then, that Elvins would extend his education and reach great accomplishments in all of his endeavors. He is well worthy of this recognition and will represent USF well! Congratulations Elvins. I, Mrs. Troutman is STILL very proud of the man you are and continue to become.

  2. As my second prince Elvins Derisma mother, I raised him to be prepared to reach to the highest potential in life by saying that not to take anything for granted. Elvins has always looked to do things different than ordinary people to reach to his goals. I remembered in high school how much he was loved by his peers by just dressing differently. He would take extra time in the bathroom to look perfect. I already knew, my baby boy was going to be very successful and professional. He is his own person. Congratulations Prince Elvins
    Ninninne Rachelle 😘🙏 Keep it going… David, Freedline and Jonas are looking at you.❤️👋🎁

    1. Elvins, words are few and inadequate to express how extremely proud I am of you and your accomplishments thus far. It is remarkable how far you’ve come in such a relatively short time. Continue to forge ahead and achieve the best. Remember, the caliber of your future will be determined by the decisions you make today. Best wishes always my brother.

  3. We were fortunate to have Elvins work with us at RMC Property Group for the past year + while he attended USF. He is an outstanding worker, driven, focused and reliable. He gets it! We were super proud to learn that he was accepted into three prestigious Real Estate graduate programs; NYU , Georgetown and UC Berkeley. There is no doubt that his opportunities will be boundless . We cannot wait to see him soar! We are blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Elvins. The experience confirms our hopes and aspirations for young people, the next generation, coming into the working world!!

    Susie and Mitchell Rice

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