Emily Dachs, Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program

Dachs, Emily HeadshotGoogle Emily Dachs’ name and a few things become apparent: She is passionate about the Tampa Bay Lightning, she loves USF and she has been preparing herself for a career with the National Hockey League since, well, forever.

Before enrolling in the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program, Dachs earned two USF undergraduate degrees, one in mass communications with a public relations concentration and one in marketing with an emphasis on sport and entertainment management. She had six internships under her belt before graduation, including stints as a PR/communications intern for the Hillsborough County Bar Association, as a marketing director for the HOT band (where she also played the baritone) and as a communications intern for the business school.

Additionally, Dachs worked for the USF Ice Bulls hockey team, handling social media and graphic design, and held a job in digital marketing with Color Clutch, a local small business. That company was sold and her supervisor moved on to a new role at Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings. She brought Dachs along with her to the fast-growing company, tasking Dachs with marketing strategy. Few things speak louder about a supervisor’s trust in one’s abilities.

Now a first-year graduate student in USF’s dual-degree MBA and MS in the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program, Dachs still works part-time at the ceiling company. She is a member of Women in Sport & Entertainment Tampa Bay, a group that focuses on the professional development of women in the male-dominated industry. And she is still working toward her dream of a corporate career with the NHL.

16 Replies to “Emily Dachs, Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program”

  1. I have had the pleasure to watch Emily grow from a baby to an amazing young woman ! She has been a treasure every step of her journey .

    1. I taught Emily in middle school and even back then she was an outstanding student and person. We have remained in touch and watching her grow and work toward her goals is amazing. I know she will succeed at whatever she tries.

  2. Emily has worked very hard to be where she’s at today. She is a very amazing and incredible young lady.

  3. She’s a very smart young lady, and I’ve k own her Dad for 4+decades, she is her fathers daughter! Congrats Emily! Wishing you all the successes you deserve!

  4. I’ve known Emily ever since elementary school and aside from her outgoing bright character, she is a tenacious and powerhouse of an individual. Emily continues to infect all those around her with her can-do attitude. Nothing can stop this brilliant young woman from accomplishing her goals!

  5. Congrats to you and your proud papa Emily… You remind me so much of my daughter, who is an athlete and marching band drum major about to go off to Montana State Univ. 😊Best wishes.

  6. She is such a friendly and hard working person. There is no doubt in my mind she LOVES the Tampa Bay Lighting!

  7. Emily is a shining star for our Country and for mankind. Last summer, she volunteered her time and resources, to help in a third world country, which desperately needs the kindness.

    She devoted herself to graduate college and chose to extend her learning opportunity showing self-discipline, dedication and determination. She is also a pioneer to forward her chosen path in a predominantly male industry.

    Our community needs more young leaders such as Emily Dachs, and I proudly recommend Emily for this distinguished acknowledgement!!

    Dr. Deborah E. Springer
    Chiropractic Physician

  8. It is an honor and pleasure to have Emily in our Vinik Sport & Entertainment Mang. Program. Beyond being an exceptional student and talented artist, Emily is a wonderfully kind, caring and passionate woman. She brings a smile to every class (even the virtual ones). 🙂 We are so proud of you! Go Bulls! #VSEMfamily

  9. We are honored to have Emily in our Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program. Her drive, thoughtfulness, and passion is unmatched. Go Bulls! #VSEMfamily

  10. Emily is a hard worker and knows what she wants and is going after it.Her passion for the sports world is her goal for the future.She will get there with her drive.Congratulations on your nomination !

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