Jessica Senatus, Business Analytics and Information Systems with a concentration in Cybersecurity

Senatus, Jessica Headshot TwoPassionate for ensuring universal success, business honors student Jessica Senatus is determined to consistently put her best foot forward and blaze trails for others. One of the first women in her family to attend college, Senatus has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her undergraduate career thus far and she aims to have the same when she graduates in 2021. Senatus competed in USF’s annual Elevator Competition as a freshman and earned second place out of 200 students.

She is a USF Student Government senator for the Muma College of Business, serving the student body by working on the Senate Policy Committee, Activity and Service Fee Recommendation Committee, Finance Committee and the Grants Committee. She has authored memorials commemorating the lives of USF students to be presented before their families and encourages students to continue paying their service forward to the USF community. Through her senate work, Senatus has learned the importance of working with others — despite not seeing eye-to-eye on issues — the value of fairness and impartiality and the joy of supporting the values she holds close to her heart.

A resident of the invitation-only Bulls Business Community and part of the Business Honors Program, Senatus has worked on service projects for Habitat for Humanity. As a child, Habitat for Humanity extended its helping hand to her own family and Senatus was honored to repay them by helping create welcome home gifts for families to receive during their home dedications. This serves as a reminder of how much Habitat for Humanity’s work had radically transformed her own life.

21 Replies to “Jessica Senatus, Business Analytics and Information Systems with a concentration in Cybersecurity”

  1. Jessica is an exceptional student and person. I am always amazed by her energy every time I meet with her.

  2. Jessica is such a remarkable individual, always advocating for others and very passionate with everything that she does.

  3. I had the pleasure of teaching Jessica when she was in high school. She is a wonderful, capable, empathetic individual who leads well – in both word and example.

  4. I never got the chance Jessica in high school, but I heard from her teachers and friends what a great student and person she was overall. What heard matched what I saw in the halls. I am so glad to see she is continuing to do great things!

  5. Jessica is a wonderful lady who will help anyone in need. Her heart is gold. She is a quick thinker that solves problems.

  6. Jessica is focused, smart, thoughtful, one day she will make an important impact in this world, extremely proud of you young lady.

  7. More than a friend, Jessica is a confidant and a warrior to everyone in her community. She serves from the heart and puts the best of herself forward, always. I can think of no more deserving person that her for this recognition as a highlight to her exemplary love for our communities.

  8. Way to go, Jessi! Keep being a shining star! I am basing proud of you and know your family is, too! xoxo – Ruth Damys Orange, USF C/O 2009

  9. Jessica is one of my biggest role models due to the fact that she is a prime example of actions speak louder than words. She has and always will be someone who is determined, intelligent, loving and caring. She has passion not only for herself and her education but as well as others.

  10. Jessica has always been a star and we know she’s going to do great things. Keep making us proud, girl!

  11. Jessica is a hardworking, intellectual and eloquent young woman. It is an honor to witness her growth and I am excited to watch her soar.

    Go Jess!!

  12. Jessica deserves this more! She is very deserving because of her passion towards others, her self ness and her continuing acts of determination! I believe this will take her far. She is committed and active amongst NUMEROUS communities in the USF community.

  13. There simply aren’t enough words I could use to explain Jessica’s work ethic and her vigor to succeed. Working alongside her through classes and being a part of many of the same organizations has shown me more and more of just how deserving she is for this recognition.

    Congrats Jess!

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