Adriana Steiner, Global Business

Steiner, Adriana HeqadshotEven though she won’t earn her bachelor’s degree until 2022, Salvadoran student Adriana Steiner has already done more than many graduate students.

Pursuing a major in global business and a certificate in visualization and design, Steiner has been a three-time dean’s list recipient and was granted the Burman Family Scholarship from the Muma College of Business during the 2019-20 academic year.

Despite the time it takes to achieve academic excellence, she had an itch to give back. She began working as an involvement consultant at the Center for Student Involvement and was quickly promoted. Today, she serves as vice president of involvement for the Campus Activities Board. These positions have given her the chance to provide meaningful and transformational experiences for USF students while leading event planners, staff members and volunteers. She is also the professional development chair for the National Scholars Collegiate Society, responsible for leading students towards realizing and achieving their career goals. Steiner develops workshops, creates content for social media and executes professional development activities for members. In the business school, she is a member of the Women in Business and Society, an organization that has allowed her to enhance business skills, learn from guest speakers and develop her professional network.

Next year, Steiner will participate in a summer study abroad program. This opportunity will allow her to pursue career development and cultural growth along with gaining experience in the professional world. She’s looking forward to expanding her knowledge, developing as an individual and acquiring vast cultural insights.

36 Replies to “Adriana Steiner, Global Business”

  1. Lo máximo Adriana ! Te felicito y estoy segura que llegarás muy lejos con ese entusiasmo y dedicación !

  2. Congratulations Adri! I am sure you will go far in your life with the dedication and enthusiasm you show in all you do!
    God bless you ! Keep up the great work

  3. Adriana is a incredible person with very good values ​​and principles, excellent student, enterprising and creative. always seeks to help others.

  4. Adriana has everything inside of her to shine!!! She is a remarkable person, in whom i trust will take full advantage of the opportunity given to her!

  5. Adri Muchas Felicidades!! A seguir hacia adelante con esas ganas! Que Diosito te bendiga con muchos éxitos!!

  6. She’s an amazing student, person, and worker! She always goes above and beyond and puts maximal effort into all work that she does. She’s very intelligent and definitely deserves to be recognized for it!

  7. congratulations Adriana, you will make your goal
    ,You are an amazing person full of virtudes.

  8. As part of Adrianas Family I am very proud of your accomplishments and I assure that with with your determination you will achieve what you always intent to do

  9. As part of Adrianas Family I am very proud of your accomplishments and I assure that with with your determination you will achieve what you always intent to do

  10. Adri,

    I am so proud of you and of your effort to pave the way for others. I keep you in my heart and prayers.

    All my love your way.

  11. I am so proud of Adriana, congratulations to her and her great parents. Shes a great, sweet, and very wise student. Keep up your excellent work keep on shinning.

  12. Adriana has always been an outstanding student! Very responsible, hardworking, smart, amiable , respectful, enthusiastic, caring, a true leader,!!!! An integral person. It was an honor having her as a student!!
    Congrats Adri!!!

  13. Ella es una persona muy valiosa, y su familia también. Qué alegría haberla podido tener como alumna.

    1. Felicidades Adri, Wow!!! super orgullosa de usted, siga luchando!!! Estoy segura que lo que se proponga lo alcanzará.

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