Taylor Torres, Marketing with Sales Concentration

Torres, Taylor HeadshotFew students understand perseverance like Taylor Torres. Torres’ grandparents, both Cuban immigrants, dreamed of seeing their granddaughter become the first person in the family to earn a college degree. Torres worked diligently and earned full college scholarships. She lost both grandparents shortly before she headed to college but she made a commitment to herself that she wouldn’t stop working toward their shared goal.

Just a few weeks into her studies, Torres learned her father was ill. His health and time at home with family became her top priority. She maintained involvement in school and continued excelling in coursework. As her father recovered and as she headed into her first finals week, she learned of a dear friend’s sucicide.

Despite the stress, the self-described “fearlessly unstoppable” student persevered. She remained focused on her big picture goal,which is to land a job where such drive and determination is required. That’s why she chose to major in marketing and sales. She is an excellent student, evidenced by her 3.96 GPA. And she is a highly engaged campus leader. She has served in leadership roles for the USF Professional Sales Club; she is now the club’s vice president. She participated in the Selling with the Bulls competition, taking first place in two segments, second in another and landing near the top in two additional categories. Torres was the first USF student to make it to the semi-finals at the Northeastern Intercollegiate Sales Competition. Beyond campus, Torres served as a sales intern at Cintas Corporation, worked as a marketing coordinator for a local dance school, handled operations tasks at an insurance company and participated in Domino’s Australia’s international internship program.

13 Replies to “Taylor Torres, Marketing with Sales Concentration”

    1. Taylor Torres is what you get when outstanding talent meets unparalleled work ethic. Whether it’s leading the Professional Sales Club, interning at a sales organization, or teaching her dance students, you can guarantee there will be no one as competent and compassionate at Taylor. No matter the task, Taylor always finds a way to achieve her goal. If there isn’t a way, she will create one. Taylor is a true inspiration to everyone around her and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the honor of 25 under 25.

  1. She’s the most remarkable young student I have had the pleasure Of working with!

    We loved her so much my company offered her a position!

  2. Taylor demonstrates qualities of a great peer, always checking on team members and reaching out to us. She makes sure everyone is on track and no one is left behind. A real team leader

  3. Taylor is one of the most driven people i’ve ever met. She’s such a hard worker, team player and so incredibly smart!! Not to mention but one of the best friends i’ve ever had.

  4. It has been such a pleasure to work with such a strong and bright individual that I get to call one of my good friends. Taylor strives for success on a daily basis leaving an impacting mark on the peers around her.

  5. Taylor is the most hardworking person I’ve ever met and an amazing person. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Taylor is the personification of strong and determined but still able to balance a sweet relationship with her students. It has been an honor and privilege to watch her grow into the young woman she is becoming. She is definitely a role model to look up to.

  7. Taylor is a dynamic force. She is very innovative and has such a drive that can not compare.

    Truly a role model for the younger generation. We have had the privilege of her guiding our children as she teaches them new skill sets, perseverance and determination.

    We are so fortunate to have a look into Taylor’s life as she steadily achieves her goals and dreams.

  8. Taylor is a go getter. She is smart, reliable and aims to succeed. She is down to earth, friendly and eager to learn, so vanity is not one of traits. Taylor absolutely deserves to be recognized as most remarkable

  9. Such an amazing young woman who meets every goal she sets. We are so proud of you Taylor and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

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