Alyssa England, Marketing

Alyssa England

Alyssa England took the opportunities offered by the university and ran with them. England constantly seeks opportunities to better herself. When she graduates in May, she will have three internships and several marketing positions under her belt.

She has worked in various offices across USF’s campus, interning and working in USF Athletics, the Muma College of Business and the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement. She led social media campaigns and helped with outreach and community connections for each office. England aided in the logistics of the Bulls Service Breaks, where students have the opportunity to volunteer during spring break. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she was able to create alternatives that offer students a fulfilling experience. 

Quarantine has allowed her to pursue over 50 online certificates, including the post-crisis leadership, hospitality and tourism management, and the diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace certification programs, all offered by the Muma College of Business. She also received the International Tutor Training Level I certification, giving her the experience and knowledge to effectively mentor and communicate with peers and coworkers.  She even landed a remote internship with NBCUniversal Media, LLC, becoming a broadcast operations intern in January. 

England says that being the granddaughter of Cuban immigrants, helped her recognize the importance of a high-quality education. England plans to begin coursework in the MS in Marketing program in the fall.

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